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After reading the "Great Expectations", Manga Classic series, I was looking forward to additional adapted classics into manga format. I guess you can say I had great expectations.  I was thrilled to get a copy of "Emma", by Jane Austen, who's books, I am a huge fan of. To show you what kind of fan I am, I have the whole collection (of course), but with my favorite book, "Pride and Prejudice", I have several copies.  Back to "Emma", manga version by Crystal Chan (story adaptation), Stacy King (editor) and Po Tse (artist).

As a fan of Jane Austen and manga, this should be right up my alley.  Unfortunately, I was not thrilled with this version. As with any adaptation of a full fledged novel into minimal words of manga, some things will be lost. I still understood all the dialogue, even when it was more choppy than expected.  I didn't expect the language to be superb, so I have no qualms with the words. With this said, I want to point out that the ideals of manga is to let the pictures, the art carry the story through. I have no problem with the sequence of the artwork, since that follows the writers and editors' directions. It is the artwork itself that I find distracting and not at all the beauty of what "Emma" and the world of Jane Austen is about.  The artwork was overly detailed and/or floral-ed in some areas to distract from the main character or event. I don't think there was anything "handsome" about the artwork of the men, instead I find disturbing.  I truly am disappointed in this version and hope there will be a better version in the future.

Note:  I received a complimentary proof copy of this ebook (e-manga) from the publisher,Udon Entertainments through Net Galley for an honest review. 




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