The American Dream Romance Collection

"The American Dream Romance Collection" consists of nine historical romances that grew alongside a new country with stories by various authors. The focus of this collection is..., you got it, about the start of the "American Dream". We will read about the lives of Colonial Americans in Connecticut to Quakers settled in North Carolina, as well as those in the "Great Frontier". We will read about the ideals of new and better life as these settlers settled in a new land, an ocean away from their birth countries and the romances they encounter.

"Will the freedoms they seek come through physical determination or through the heart by knowing the One who promised to set them free by the Spirit?"

Nine stories for you to find out the answer:

Some of these stories intertwine characters and settings even though they are written by different authors. I always find that fascinating as authors come together and "cook" up a story and each write a portion. Especially if they've done such a good job that it's figuratively seamless. Unfortunately, I'm a somewhat disappointed with these stories, which I find surprising, since I love novella collections. All of the ones I've read before gets top marks from me. With this new collection, there are familiar authors and there are new ones (at least for me). Most of the time, I read novellas without thinking about who wrote it until after the fact. This one is no different.  Don't get me wrong, the stories are entertaining enough, with some adventure, some suspense and good old family values. And don't forget the inspirational aspect and the neighborly trust. What I find lacking is the actual romance part of these collections. Many times, I find the main characters of each story so easily in love that it doesn't seem real to me. I wish I can say more and wish that I enjoyed these collection as I've done in the past collections from Barbour, but this one just falls short for me.

Release Date: October 1, 2015

NOTE: I received an ARC through Net Galley from the publisher, Barbour Publishing for an honest review.

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79711EB: The American Dream Romance Collection: Nine Historical Romances Grow Alongside a New Country - eBook The American Dream Romance Collection: Nine Historical Romances Grow Alongside a New Country - eBook
By DiAnn Mills, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kristy Dykes & Others / Barbour Books



  1. I appreciate your honesty in the review. I really like novellas because I can finish reading a story in a short time, but I really don't like rushed romance.


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