The Mistress of Tall Acre

How could I have not read anything by Laura Frantz until now? I'm glad it's remedied with her latest novel, "The Mistress of Tall Acre".

"The Mistress at Tall Acre" is a riveting story set right after the victory of The Revolutionary War that any historical fiction fan will enjoy. We start the story on the 8th of August, 1778 in Tall Acre, with the birth of Lily Cate, the adorable 6 year old we meet later in the story. First thought? It's Roger Federer's birthday. (Sorry, tennis fan here).  Back to 1778. On that day, our main characters, General Seamus Ogilvy and Sophie Menzies meet. Then General Ogilvy returns to the war, under General George Washington.  Fast forward to 1783, after the victory of the Revolutionary War, General Ogilvy returns to Tall Acre, his home, now a widower taking care of his daughter, Lily Cate.  Sophie nearly destitute, lives in Three Chimney barely scraping by.  After much interactions, Sophie and Seamus (General Ogilvy) partners in marriage to help with each other's predicaments, but will this arrangement prove disastrous emotionally and physically?

I've always been a fiction reader, and only in recent years have I delve more into the non-fiction genre, including reading biographies. My latest endeavor is to read historical biographies, specifically presidential ones.  I've read a biography of George Washington and instantly were transported back to the revolutionary period, and I am enlightened by the patriotism, the wisdom and grace that became of the heroes of this country. What does this have to do with "The Mistress at Tall Acre"? I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of General George Washington in one of the scenes, and how the thoughts of others, especially ex-combat soldiers like Seamus reacts since the war. It's a different time than the state of warfare in our current affairs.

Ms. Frantz gave us not only a romantic fiction, but one woven with historical facts, suspense, drama and the journey of faith.  Her rhythmic words brings light to your eyes and create visuals from her descriptions. Her words makes you feel like you're in the Lily Cate's room at Tall Acre, the parlor at Three Chimney or wherever the story takes you. Read and follow along with Seamus' and Sophie's journey in their trust and faith in God's plans for them, as they learn to embark their journey together as a family.

Paperback Release date: September 8, 2015 
Digital Release date: September 1, 2015 

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Revell as part of their blog tour, for an honest review.

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720446: The Mistress of Tall Acre: A Novel The Mistress of Tall Acre: A Novel
By Laura Frantz / Revell

In the aftermath of the American Revolution, the residents of Tall Acre strive to build a future! Desperate and nearly destitute, Sophie agrees to marry General Seamus Ogilvy---a widower with a young daughter. It seems like a sensible idea at first, but when a woman from the general's past returns, will Sophie's plans go awry? 400 pages, softcover from Revell.



  1. SQUEEEEE!!!!! I can't wait to read this one!

  2. What a beautiful, insightful review! Annie, I'm over the moon you found me in the sea of books and authors out there and that you picked Mistress to begin. You have a lovely way with words and it's really an honor to meet another George fan a:). You have a great site here and I'm privileged to be a part of it! Bless you so much for taking time for my book!

    1. You're very welcome. Thank you for a wonderful story and for your kind words!

  3. Hugs and thanks to Caryl for her wonderfully enthusiastic spirit!!


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