Author Interview: Suzanne Woods Fisher + Giveaway

I'm thrilled to have Suzanne Woods Fisher on this blog for an interview and a chance for readers to win a signed copy of her latest novel, "The Imposter"  from Revell Books.  Based on my review of "The Imposter" from yesterday's post / review, you know how much I loved it. So I jumped at the chance to interview Suzanne.

JC: Just Commonly
SFW:  Suzanne Woods Fisher

JC: Instead of jumping into questions about the book, let's start off with something fun about you, Suzanne. What's one funky thing about you that not many people know about? 
SFW: You’ll think I’m odd…because this is the answer to the next few questions…but I don’t eat sweets. Mostly, I just don’t have a sweet tooth. Partly, I’m on a life long quest to lose five pounds.
JC: Coca Cola or Pepsi?
SFW: Diet Pepsi, if I wasn’t offered any iced tea.
JC: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
SFW: Ever had Peet’s coffee? Once you do, you can’t go back.
JC: I have. Peet's was everywhere when I lived on the West Coast, but still a Starbucks girl, here.

JC: Haagen‐Daz, Ben & Jerry's or Baskin Robbins?
SFW: Like I said, I’m not a sweet eater. But…my husband is a serious ice cream maker! He even went to Penn State’s Ice Cream School.
JC: Dogs or Cats?
SFW: Oh…definitely dogs! Big yellow ones. (I raise puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.)
JC: Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
SFW: Oh…that’s a tough call. Both are so imaginative. I love the humor of Harry Potter (really want a Howler for my children) and the haunting quality of Hunger Games. Can I call it a tie.
JC: What Christian author have inspired you the most?
SFW: Phillip Yancey. Amazing! His books pull you to the end.
JC: What book(s) are you currently reading?
SFW: Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. I have to read Lewis slowly…he’s so brilliant and I’m so…not.
JC: Suzanne, don't put yourself short. I agree CS Lewis is brilliant, but after reading The Imposter, I think you're not so shabby yourself. 

JC: Where do you normally write?
SFW: In a cramped laundry room, with two big dogs at my feet. It’s so small that I get bumped in my chair when someone comes in to change the laundry from washer to dryer.
JC: Really? Love the visual, though. Any must haves (such as coffee, candy, a lucky star...etc.) with you when you write?
SFW: Iced tea! I love it. 

JC: Now, it's time to enlighten us "The Imposter" fans.  Pretend you and I are in an elevator and you have twenty awkward seconds to convince me to buy The Imposter. Go!
SFW: This is a book about a quirky, endearing family that is trying to make a fresh start, but the past keeps arriving at their front door, insisting on being invited in.
JC: How much of the Imposter story is real?
SFW: Actually, more of it than you might think. As I start a new novel, I run the plot by a few Amish friends, just to see if my story could be credible. When I asked one of them if she’d ever seen or heard of a situation like the one in “Imposter” unfold in her church’s leadership, she paused for a moment, then said, “Oh…yes.” I would have loved to know what was running through her mind during that pregnant pause! Now there’s a story…
JC: As an author, you’re known for doing your homework with the Amish people. How are you able to gather stories and details to make your books seem more real? 
SFW:  It’s not easy. Especially as I try to gather a cross section of Old Order Amish—a wide expanse of location, a variety of churches. They’re utterly private…until you’ve earned their trust. Then, they’re surprisingly talkative. I believe in full disclosure, so I admit to new acquaintances that I’m a writer, right up front. And I promise that I won’t print anything without their corrections, permissions, changing names and locations to protect privacy, etc. I’ve had my share of cold responses, but I’ve had far more warm ones. And one contact leads to another, and another, and another. Each Christmas, I receive Christmas cards from my Amish friends (they love cards), a lovely reminder of how blessed I’ve been in this work.

JC: O how nice! No wonder your books are so heartwarming! In the book, “One thing I’ve learned in life,” David Stoltzfus said, “is that we’re all just a few choices away from becoming just about any kind of person. Good or bad.” Do you agree or disagree with his belief?        
 SFW: I agree with David, wholeheartedly. It’s the reason we need to live in constant communication with God.  
JC: O, I agree. That is also why one of my favorite lines in the book is this from Andy, paraphrasing David's sermon, "...that part about the Bible being a conversation, between a Creator and the ones he created, that it should be a conversation someone has firsthand, not filtered through the hearsay of others." (106)

JC: So this new series is called ‘The Bishop’s Family.’ But just who is the bishop? 
SFW: Stay tuned on that! “The Quieting” (Book 2) will reveal more.
JC: And with that we end this interview. I wish there was more, since I can probably pick your brain on everyone, but I might just have to wait until the whole series is out. Thank you, Suzanne for taking the time and for a great giveaway.

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Now for the GIVEAWAY. Suzanne has graciously provide a signed copy of her newest book, The Imposter as the prize.  To participate, please enter below.  Thank you and good luck!

A Signed Copy of The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher Giveaway



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