Will Abrianna find Love Everlasting?

Will she? Abrianna Cunningham is my favorite character out of Tracie Peterson's Brides of Seattle series, and I'm so thrilled I'm finally able to read more about her.  Just a bit of rehash, both in Book 1, Steadfast Love and Book 2, Refiner's Fire, Abrianna plays a pretty dominate supporting role, and she completely shines! Both books were a great entertaining read, and it had cause some withdrawal from me waiting for Book 3, Love Everlasting to be released. Boy, am I glad.  (If you want to read my reactions to the previous books, click on the titles above).

Love Everlasting was even better than I had hoped. Yes, I'm partial to Abrianna. Her quick wit, "say what's on her mind" attitude, innovated ideas,  a true love for God and a genuine heart to help the lost souls,  and not to mention her surprising naivete on some things, will pull you into her world. You'll want to be her friend and laugh with her and be enraptured in one of her plans to help the lost.  Now, with Love Everlasting, we get to experience the romantic kind of love that she's not familiar with and is unsure of.  Is it Wade, her best friend for many many years also the one God has in store for her or is it the wealthy Mr. Welby that is entranced by Abrianna, and will do anything (good or bad) to have her?

This time, we really dive into the mind of Abrianna and really feel her confusion, her love for her family and friends, and for Wade, and her turmoil regarding Mr. Welby.  She is not a weakling, but a strong and determined young woman that's brave enough to go through life protecting those she love and felt a calling to. And then, there's a "cuteness" of her.  Really. As I read Love Everlasting, she reminds me of a young naive teenager that doesn't have the care in world. I know, seems contradicting to what I said about her earlier, but it's true.  It's this dual quality that I find so endearing. It's like I'm invested in her story. I want to find out what happens and will she have a happy ending.

I sincerely enjoyed this series, and especially Love Everlasting and I wonder if there'll be another book in the series. I can read on and on.  How about one on Flora? She's also grown on me through the story. Since I mentioned Flora, I also want to give props to Ms. Peterson for building a story of such compelling supporting characters, from Lenore and Kolbien to the Aunts of Madison School to Jay Cunningham and Ms. Snyder, all just adds to the great development of the plot and each of these characters as a whole.  Last, I want to add that I love this cover. It is so Abrianna - great auburn red hair, a little mischief on her face, slight confusion and love in her eyes and the overall sense of innocence. Perfect.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House for an honest review.


About the book

210631: Love Everlasting #3 Love Everlasting #3
By Tracie Peterson / Bethany House


Love Everlasting book 3 of the Brides of Seattle series

Abrianna Cunningham is confused by her unfamiliar feelings.  She had always thought of Wade Ackerman as a protective brother. She now finds herself romantically attracted to him. Wade had been waiting for her to realize they were more than just friends. Now that Wade has asked her to marry him, she is having a hard time choosing between Wade and Welby, who is wealthy, secure, persuasive and has been deviously pursuing her hand in marriage. Which man has more character and integrity? Will Abrianna make the right choice?

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About the author

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 100 novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Montana. Learn more at www.traciepeterson.com.



  1. Hello Annie! I've not read this series. Thanks for the recommendation. :)


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