3 Daughters, 3 Personalities, & 3 Ways

What would you do if your father was hanged for murder? This is the beginning of the journey to find out what The Daughters of Jim Farrell are made of.

Title:  The Daughters of Jim Farrel
Author: Sylvia Bambola
Publisher: Heritage Publishing House
Release Date: July 1, 2015


Pennsylvania 1873: When, in the harsh world of Pennsylvania coal country, Jim Farrell is hanged for murder, his wife and three daughters must turn their beautiful home into a boarding house in order to survive. But struggling beneath the shadow of shame becomes too much for eldest daughter, Kate. She resolves to clear her father’s name in spite of her mother’s admonition to “let it go,” and convinces her sisters to help. All too soon their dangerous quest rips the family apart. Will it also cost them the men they love?



The Daughters of Jim Farrell is a tale of bitterness, vengeance and how that can bring forth unhappiness to those you love. This is about overcoming the bitterness of persecution and the craving to let vengeance run your emotions. Jim Farrell was hanged for murder in coal country Pennsylvania. Once a man of some prominence, his execution lead to the disgraced and shame of his three daughters. It's fascinating how Ms. Bambola uses three daughters to demonstrate three different personalities and ways of dealing with the death of their father.  Kate, the eldest strive to clear her father's name and seek vengeance towards those who caused it, in the meanwhile turning her bitter to those that stood by and watched.  Virginia, the middle daughter is as strong-willed as her older sister and is unsure if her father is innocent.  Charlotte, the youngest just wants to marry her fiancé, into a world of finery and frills, putting behind the tragedy that struck her family. Even with the sound advice of their loving mother, Kate is still adamant in finding the truth, and fiercely coercing her sisters to join in on hiring a Pinkerton (private investigator) to clear their father.  And in doing so, what will it cost them?

I enjoyed this novel. It's full of twists and turns, along with some romance, well, more than some for Kate, Virginia and Charlotte. I was surprised by several plot developments, and I find it entertaining, as well as enlightening in regards to forgiveness and compassion. 

  • "...passion in itself is not a virtue unless it's coupled with self-control" (136)
  • "...unforgiveness is just as destructive, just as hurtful, as crime itself.  And the one who harbors it, ends by making himself its victim. Until you're able to forgive...you'll never be free to truly love anyone." (201)
Do you not agree? How enlightening just the above quotes are?  Ms. Bambola gave readers a wonderful historical novel that not only entertains us with a great plot, but delivered a dose of inspiration along with it. Thank you.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy through Book Crash as part of their book tour for an honest review. 




Sylvia Bambola is the award winning author of eight novels, including Rebekah's Treasure (2015 CSPA Book of the Year / Christian Historical Fiction) and The Salt Convenants.  A resident of Florida, she teaches women's Bible studies and has two grown children.

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  1. I love the way you pull out quotes from books you read, Annie - and those two are very good. A spirit of unforgiveness only hurts us, yet is often one of the hardest things to do.

  2. Thanks Carole! Sometimes I like to let the words speak for itself. I'm not a writer, and sometimes I'm just so in awe of a book that I have no words. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great weekend!

  3. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy. JC, I'm glad you had a chance to read and review it. I have been wanting to read one of Sylvia's books for some time, but you know how it is with the number of books on our TBR. Sometimes it's a blogger's review that finally makes me prioritize my reading choices. I recently picked up one her books at a second hand store, but it was book 2 in a series and I still need to find and read book 1. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks Terrill. I completely understand. Trust me, I have that never ending TBR list too! I was pleasantly surprised with Sylvia's book, since she's also a new author for me. From now on, I'm sure I'll be checking out her other books too. =) Have a great weekend too!

  5. What an interesting book! I am a historical fiction fan. I am unsure how I would feel if I was in the daughters shoes. Would I hang my head in shame and guietly leave town or would I become angry and make Kate's mission my own mission.?

  6. I agree Kathy. It's definitely interesting seeing, I mean reading the 3 daughter's reactions.


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