Author Interview: JC Morrows + Giveaway

Look who we have here this afternoon? It's JC Morrows, the author of A Reluctant Assassin, book 1 of The Order of the MoonStone series. Did you see my review earlier today?  For my review of A Reluctant Assassin, click here

Now, let's welcome JC. Well, since we're both JCs, I think I'll initial her dialogue as JCM. 

JC - Just Commonly
JCM - JC Morrows 

JC:  Hi JC. How did you get started as an author?  What or whom inspired you?
JCM:  I've been telling stories since before I can remember. My mother inspired me to finish the first novel in my Andarii series nearly three years ago. It was her birthday present that year. 
JC:  What writing project are you currently working on?  What can you tell us about these projects?
JCM:  I am currently working on a future book in my current series (Order of the MoonStone) - and a dystopian series, but I can't say any more about that yet.
JC:  How important are the names in your novels?  How do you choose names for your characters?  Do you have any name resources you would suggest?
JCM: Names are extremely important, but I rarely get to choose them. If you are an author, you will understand how quickly a character can take on a life all their own. When that happens, they will tell me their name. And sometimes characters walk into the story fully formed and I don't even have to ask their name. I just know it.
JC:  What authors inspire your writing?
JCM:  Oh my word. There are far too many to name. Although I will say that my Master and Creator - my Heavenly Father - inspires my writing more than any one person could. 
JC:  What period of history interests you the most?  Does this influence your writing?
JCM:  I was actually going to answer this differently until I realized that history has, in fact, had a strong influence on my writing. I've always joked that I was born in the wrong century. Obviously God knew what He was doing when He allowed me to be born in this century, but I have always felt a tie to the past . . . mostly the Victorian and Edwardian era.
JC:   What inspired the idea for A Reluctant Assassin?

JCM:  This series has actually been a different journey than any other I've written. God inspired the entire series. I was working on something completely different and it was not going well at all so I asked God what He wanted me to write - and the story simply exploded in my imagination. It has been an amazing journey!
JC:   If you could choose someone famous to star in one of your books made to a movie, who would you choose and for which character? (Possibly share an image of this famous star and a link to where the image came from.)
JCM:  Honestly, I'm not convinced that Hollywood could do the series justice or that they would want to make it . . . just the way it is. And I would want far too much control for anyone to be happy, so I don't see a movie coming anytime soon, but I did an entire series on my blog - where I found pictures of actors and actresses who look most like my characters. Check out my blog posts: 
 A side note: My mother is a fan of my choice for Queen Shiara:

Introducing… Her Majesty,Queen Shiara Alessa Whynn-Fortine Shiara Whynn never wanted to be Queen. She never even dreamed of being a Princess – but when she married Prince Devron, it was only a matter of time… And now she must guide the Prince in making the most important decision he will ever make in his life, and she must do it… alone.

JC:   I am thrilled too! I love Sandra Bullock.  What other hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?
JCM:  My hobbies include reading, swimming, taking long walks and playing board games with the kiddos. Writing, at least for me, is most definitely not a hobby, but a full time job. 

JC:   Well JC, thank you for being a part of Singing Librarian Books Blog Tour. I look forward to your other works.  Check out the rest of the tour stops and don't forget to enter into our giveaway (on my review post or just scroll down). 

To connect with JC, check out her website,  facebook,  twitter,  pinterest, and instagram.




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  1. Thanks for featuring JC Morrows. I truly enjoyed reading A Reluctant Assassin and look forward to the next book in An Order of the Moonstone Chronicles.

  2. Marilyn, well, in that case, I'm glad to tell you the next one, titled "A Treacherous Decision" is coming real soon!!! And I'll be reviewing it here on my blog too! Can't wait!


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