Real Food, Real Kitchen in NYC

Ready to see some food from real kitchens in New York City? If your answer's "yes", then you might just love this new cookbook from Craig Chapman.

Title:  Real Food Real Kitchens New York Cookbook
Author: Craig Chapman
Publisher:  Cedar Fort Publishing & Media
Release Date: October 13, 2015


After an award-winning career in television and magazines, Craig Chapman is pursuing his passion: telling the real stories of real food and the people and cultures that bring a dish to life. Based on his popular Create TV series, these recipes take you behind the scenes and into the kitchens of chefs who are using food to change the world.

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Love this cookbook that's part food, part people. It's a wonderful homage to the multi-national groups of people in one of the most diverse city in the world.  As a true New Yorker at heart (yes, I'm no longer there), I just love the many different experiences one can, well, experience in New York City, especially for food lovers. The little nooks and cranny-type neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island will each give you a different cultural experience. I can tell you, there's probably at least one "Chinatown" in each of these boroughs.  There's also this great little Greek neighborhood in Astoria, Queens that I use to love to go to and the Middle Eastern food haven in the Lower East Side.  There's so many that it's hard to name them all, and that's what makes New York special - there's always a food related surprise you'll find wherever you go. 

Well, enough about New York. Let's start with the wonderful stories at the beginning of each "kitchen".  These are real people, real families and real home-made recipes that are past down from generations.  These stories tells you where they come from, how it all started and/or what is special about them.  These stories about their heritage and their food reminds me of the several dishes my mom taught me and when I'm especially home-sick, I will make it. It's not the same as my mom's, but it does give me a sense of closeness with my parents.  

As to the food, several really sticks out to me, including the steam striped bass from Grace to the empanadas from Leslie, there's so many that reminds me of the good homemade meals from friends. I may not make it as good as these seasoned home cooks, but I feel like I'm part of their family or culture when I make these. These recipes, these stories, these people and ultimately this cookbook, Real Food Real Kitchen New York Cookbook, isn't just a cookbook you can find in any bookstore. This is a cookbook with soul.  

NOTE:  I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher, Cedar Fort Publishing & Media as part of this blog tour for an honest review.



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Craig Chapman published his first magazine at the age of 15, which was a handwritten, photocopied punk rock fanzine. He moved to New York after college and worked as a television and film Production Manager at Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Time Inc., and more. He also took time to work as a magazine Editor developing an MTV Magazine for Hearst, as a Fashion and Beauty Editor at InTouch Weekly during their inaugural year, and as a Lifestyle Editor for Seventeen.

Chapman owns OEG Media LLC which creates unscripted television, film, and multi-platform digital projects that highlight the lifestyle, drama, comedy, and challenges of real life. He is also the Founder and Producer of the national brand Real Food Real Kitchens which includes a TV series, yearly magazine, and daily web site. Real Food Real Kitchens is all about ‘Family, Food, Culture and History’; telling the story of a dish and the family and culture that bring it to life.

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  1. This one would make a great gift! I like the fact that the culture is a part of this cookbook.

  2. Sounds like a good book for kitchen adventurers

  3. Accidentally deleted Vicky's comment - Sorry! here it is:
    "Love a cookbook with soul! "

  4. New York, ahh my old stompin' grounds. Loved the food. Could use this book to bring back the memories.

  5. 4. This cookbook has soul from real kitchens. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  6. Clue Four: I love cookbooks! I've been trying to grow my collection.


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