What will it take to Change of Heart? + Giveaway

"Miracles are made of love..." (cover). What would it take to change several hearts?

Title:  Change of Heart
Author:  Molly Jebber
Publisher:  Kensington Publishing Corps.
Release Date:  June 30, 2015



A modern new century brings a young Amish woman an unexpected new life—and a chance to discover love’s true way home…

Ohio, 1899. Soft-spoken midwife Becca Yost lived by her Amish faith’s strict rules—until her fiancé jilted her before their entire community. She’s never been away from home, but the bustling Englischer town of Massillon, Ohio, is a welcome unexpected refuge. Especially when she goes to work for Dr. Matt Carrington, who shares her passion for healing those in need. His outgoing spirit and gentle strength show Becca a surprising new world of choices—and irresistible love. But there is one formidable obstacle: Matt’s wealthy mother is determined her son will marry a society woman.

With her newfound resolve challenged, Becca decides that she and Matt must not be destined for each other after all. She accepts that she will have to forge a life alone—until a wrenching crisis and life-changing revelations teach her that true faith lies in all things, especially impossible second chances.

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Change of Heart is not what I expected from an Amish fiction.  The majority of the Amish fiction I've read are set in modern times, but this one is set in the late 1800s, actually the turn of the century. The storyline revolves around an Amish girl that decides to leave the Amish community and join her sister, who married an Englischer in the nearby town of Massillon. It's interesting to see the many emotional turmoil that does go through these characters' minds, as well as the stereotype the Amish community have endured since the 1800s. There are mentions of Amish culture and laws, and the differences to what is expected when you leave. There's also the interactions between the Amish and Englischer that I find less stringent compared to other Amish fiction I've read, but I'm not an expert to know if it's because of time period or for other reasons.  

As to the storyline, I enjoyed Change of Heart. It's a beautiful story of second chances and life outside of your comfort zone. It's also about having faith in God that all will work out according to His plan. The characters are portrayed as they are, realistic with imperfections, which makes it more endearing and comes to life for me.  However, I do find some of the dialogue and descriptions a little on the choppy side. Do they really talk like that back in the day? Personally, I think a little refinement will fix it up all right, but it's not necessary to still enjoy this novel. 

Molly's a new author for me, and after reading Change of Heart, I would be on the look out for her other novels, especially books next in the Keepsake Pocket Quilt series. I'm invested in these characters and would love to read more. Then there's also the fact that I want to start my own keepsake tradition! Now, if you're interested, scroll down and find out how to win your own copy.  I think you'll enjoy too! 

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of the CelebrateLit Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. 



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Molly has generously donated a print copy of Change of Heart for each host on this tour to give away!  

For this stop, all you have to do is:
  1. leave a comment here for Molly or myself. (Can't think of anything to write? How about what about Amish fiction that interest you?)
  2. Don't forget to leave your email using [at] & [dot] to avoid spammers. 

This giveaway (on this stop) will end on December 2, 2015 and Random.org will select a winner.  Scroll down for links to the rest of the tour hosts for more chances to win a copy! 

CONGRATULATIONS TO DIANA P, whom Random.org has chosen as our winner for a copy of Change of Heart! 
UPDATE 12/7/2015: Unfortunately, I have not heard from Diana P in time (deadline 12/6). Her prize has been forfeited and a new winner has been selected. Random.org selected #10, which is Kathleen from Lane Hill House.  Kathleen, I've please contact me with your mailing address no later than 9 AM, 12/8/2015. Otherwise, prize for this post will not be granted, per tour host, Celebrate Lit and author's instructions. 

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Molly Jebber is an educational, motivational, and Women’s Christian Connection speaker. She was raised in a small town in the Midwest, and insists if you had blinked twice, you would’ve missed it. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities.  Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. The greatest reward she’s experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who’ve been encouraging and supportive.

CONNECT WITH MOLLY:  website, facebook, twitter

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  1. Change of Heart is a wonderful book that shows how God's love and circumstances can make a difference in someone's life. Molly is an amazing new author. I'm like you I have fallen in love with Molly's Keepsake Pocket Quilt debut book and look forward to reading all the other ones. Faithhope75athotmaildotcom.

    1. Thanks for the interview and review. Change of Heart is a wonderful book. I'm looking forward to Molly's upcoming book in Keepsake Pocket Quilt series.

  2. I really like the quiet, loving life the Amish live. They care so much for the others in their community.
    dkstevensneAT outlookD OTcoM

  3. Wow, this sounds like a great book. To be honest I am new to Amish fiction so this sounds fascinating. Thank you for sharing.
    eppersonkatrina(at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I accidentally deleted Lucy's comment, so here it is, and will count as an entry. (Sorry Lucy!)

    Thank you so much for the chance. I love Amish fiction.

  5. First off, thank you for a new-to-me author! I love discovering writers and especially those who have chosen Amish as their genre. This one sounds like it's right up my alley :-)
    Secondly, what I most love about the Amish is their sense of community & family ties! They take care of each other and you find it especially in times of trouble. They are the epitome of how God says to "love thy neighbor" and how we are to care for one another. They are truly love shown in not only words but actions. I also love the simplicity of life they have. The don't gather all the "stuff" that we tend to think is so important to our lives. And they take good care of what they do have. What they build, lasts for generations! I admire all the Amish quilts I've seen and the food sounds so wonderful!! All in all, I love everything about the Amish lifestyle :-) I couldn't live like they do, but I can incorporate some of their things into my own lifestyle.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Molly's book! This is one I'd enjoy reading.

    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I always find the Amish lifestyle fascinating. I enjoy reading Amish fiction, and agree that they must have a turmoil of emotions and conflicts when choosing whether to stay with the Amish or leave the "faith". I feel quite saddened though that most Amish seem to be more about religion and keeping of rules than a personal relationship with Jesus.
    Thanks for the giveaway
    amylsmith AT bledsoe DOT net

  7. I love Amish stories and this one sounds interesting since it is historical Amish! Would love to read it!
    ibjoy1953(at) yahoo dot com

  8. I absolutely love Amish Christian Fiction books! I have read so many, but not by this author, Molly Jebber. I'd love to, though! I have only visited one Amish community, Lancaster, PA. I'd love to go to other places one day.
    Susan in NC

  9. What made you decide to write your novel in the 1800's? I love the Title

  10. oops I forgot to leave my email. fishingjan[at]aol[dot]com

  11. "It's a beautiful story of second chances and life outside of your comfort zone." Taking a risk with the One who loves us most! I'm in. Hope I win. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  12. I would love to be win Molly's book. Thank you for this chance.
    cps1950 (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I seriously love reading these books. They are a big part of my life. Diana Pugh,writingfool1950@sbcglobal.net

  14. It would be a first for me to read about Amish, apart from seeing what was on television. What a great way to understand another culture. My email is lafong60@gmail.com. Molly, were you able to live with the Amish to develop your ideas for this book?

  15. It would be nice to win one of Molly's book. My email is lafong60 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  16. Love reading Amish fiction. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Juanita Cook

  17. I would love to win this. I so enjoy Amish books. thanks for the
    chance to win this. God bless pag1936@yahoo.com

  18. I like that this story is different. I want to see how his mother is described.

  19. I love Amish fiction...I love reading about the simplicity of their lifestyle and I typically love the characters. jnjfischer50[at]yahoo[dot]com

  20. Mejohnson01atmsndotcom. Would love to ready this book. She is a new author foe me.

  21. I love the plain, peaceful, calm lifestyle of the Amish . l (dot) bergh (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  22. I am drawn to Amish fiction, for the simplicity and for the message of Faith.

  23. I would love to win a copy of A Change of Heart.

  24. You are a New To Me Author- and as such not sure where to start, are your book/books a stand alone story or part of a series? And Where would you suggest to start?

  25. With so much violence today I love to shut the TV off and cuddle up with my Amish themed books, the stories just bring such peace and tranquility over me. I have no favorite author but enjoy read from someone new to me as #MollyJabber.


  26. Thank you all for participating in the Change of Heart tour and giveaway. Random.org have spoken and generated a winning post. Congratulations to Diana P. You are the winner of a copy of Change of Heart. I will email you shortly. Please respond with your mailing address and I will forward it along to Celebrate Lit.

    Tina Wilson, I wanted to answer your question. Change of Heart is Molly's debut novel and it can be read as a stand alone, even though it is a start of a series. It's a good place to start. Or if you want to check out her next book, The Amish Christmas Sleigh, it includes a novella of Molly's, as well as 2 other stories by Kelly Long and Amy Lillard. That book is currently on tour at http://www.celebratelit.com/posts/category/the-amish-christmas-sleigh-celebration-tour/. My review will be up on the 11th. Thank you.

  27. Hi Diana,

    Please contact me with your mailing address by Sunday, December 6th for your winning prize. If I do not hear from you by Sunday, a new winner will be selected or the prize will be forfeited, per the author and Celebrate Let's giveaway instructions. Thank you.

  28. Unfortunately, I have not heard from Diana, and therefore her prize has been forfeited. Random.org selected a new winner, which is Kathleen from Lane Hill House. Kathleen, please contact me with your mailing address by 9 AM, 12/8/2015. Thank you.

  29. Thank you so much for contacting me, Annie. I have sent my mailing address to you via e-mail return. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House [ ~*second chances*~ :D ]


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