Hannah's Choice to Review

Family and freedom of self, what's your choice?

Title:  Hannah's Choice
Series: Journey to Pleasant Prairie, Book 1
Author:  Jan Drexler
Publisher:  Revell 
Release Date:  January 19, 2016



When love and family conflict, will she listen to her head . . . or her heart?

Hannah Yoder loves her quiet life on the banks of Conestoga Creek. In 1842, this corner of Lancaster County is settled and peaceful--yet problems lurk beneath the placid façade. Hannah strives to be the one person who can bind the threads of her family together in spite of her father's worries, her mother's depression, and her sister's rebellious ways. But her world threatens to unravel.

When two young men seek her hand in marriage--one offering the home she craves and the other promising the adventure of following God's call west--Hannah must make a choice. Will she stay true to the faith of her family or defy her father and abandon her community?

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That's a tough question to answer, isn't it? With Hannah, there's also the choice of the man she grew up with, who's a Mennonite and the man she's come to know and respect who shares the same Amish faith.  What would the choice be?

A historical Amish novel that brings to light the Amish ways and their ideals.  Jan Drexler wrote a story as much about family as it is about the Amish order. I enjoyed the story for the most part, but did find the flow of the story somewhat choppy, from Liesbet's ways to Adam's involvement with rescuing the slaves to the main romantic triangle of the story.  I felt Hannah's focus is more on following and obeying the Amish law rather than what Christian beliefs are about.  Yes, she's done things aside from her Amish upbringing, but her thoughts center around the Amish law, more than what God has to do with it.  The weakness of inspirational messages aside,  I do agree with Hannah's choice at the end of the story, and I think the last scene in chapter 33 was the best part, for seeing what love meant. In truth, none of the characters appealed to me much .  However, the story itself still kept me entertained and intrigued enough to want to know what happened at the end. And that I give credence to Jan as a writer.  Then, there's the fact the cover is gorgeous sure helps to imagine the setting.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Revell for an honest review.



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Jan Drexler brings a unique understanding of Amish traditions and beliefs to her writing. Her ancestors were among the first Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Their experiences are the basis for her stories. Jan lives in South Dakota with her husband, their four adult children, two active dogs, and a cat. When she isn't writing, she enjoys hiking the Black Hills and the Badlands. She is the author of the Love Inspired novels The Prodigal Son ReturnsA Mother for His Children, and A Home for His Family (September 2015).

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  1. Hannsn's Choice sounds delightful plus one I wouldn't want to stop reading till the last page. Thank you sharing.


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