Rocky Mountain Reunion

Will a reunion that's meant to be, be thwarted further by current choices?

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Title:  Rocky Mountain Reunion
Author:  Tina Radcliffe
Publisher:  Love Inspired
Release Date:  December 15, 2015



A Second Chance at Forever

Nurse Anne Matson's structured life derails when a familiar patient enters her ER—the ex-husband she left ten years ago. Matthew Clark is the last person she expects to see in Paradise, Colorado, especially with a nine-year-old daughter. The single dad is running the town's biggest expansion project, but one thing stands in his way—Anne's Victorian home. When his daughter falls ill, and Anne volunteers to help with her care, Matt recognizes he's never stopped loving the spirited beauty. But how can he get her back when he plans to take all she has left…or can Anne see she has everything to gain—the family she's been denied?
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With the serene scenery of the Rocky Mountains, and an old Victorian home, what more do you need for a romantic novel? How about a story of second chances and rekindled love? O, did I mentioned this story is set in Paradise, Colorado? Yes, perfect setting for some romance, but will past pain hinder what love there is?
" 'I'm helping to repair the house that I am supposed to tear down...and I'm trying desperately not to fall in love with a woman who walked away from me the last time I offered my heart,' he muttered. There was something very wrong with the picture. Very wrong and he couldn't shake the sense of foreboding that those thoughts brought with them." (130) 
Yes, the sense of foreboding also grew in my heart as I read on. What stumbling blocks will be thrown in Anne and Matt's way as these two move beyond their past and rekindle their love?  A little help from a sweet daughter, Claire, fun diva, Juanita, patient and caring Marta, faith-filled Manny and of course decisive and formidable Aunt Lily might be able to start things going. And with God, any mountain can be moved.

Such a great cover too, that gave a sense of new beginnings. For a novel of 217 pages, Tina packed a lot of punch, with amazing quotes that I find so relevant and true.
"Forgiveness is a decision. A step of faith. I've forgiven. The hard part is the pride." (170)
"Why was it that it took him so long to realize that every single time he took a step out without God's direction he fell flat on his face?" (43)

How many of us have let pride stand in the way of something? How many of us have fallen on our faces when we decide that we're better than God's way for us?  Yes, Rocky Mountain Reunion is a simple story of love but you will find the complexity of themes from lost times to one's choices, to  pride, forgiveness and trust that will have you pondering your own life. A story of Anne and Matt, but also a story of seeking your heart, and finding God's will in it.

NOTE:  I won a copy of this book in a giveaway and a review was NOT required. This is my honest opinion. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.



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Tina Radcliffe has been dreaming and scribbling for years. Originally from Western NY, she left home for a tour of duty with the Army Security Agency stationed in Augsburg, Germany, and ended up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Her past careers include: Certified Oncology R.N. and library cataloger.  She recently moved from Denver, Colorado, to the Phoenix, Arizona area, where she writes heartwarming and fun inspirational romance.

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