Winners to Just Commonly's Year-End Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to the following winners! Mr.' s True Random Number Generator have spoken and our winners are:

  • Kathleen, Lane Hill House - 
  • Winner of Murder at the Courthouse by AH Gabhart &  
  • The Photgraph by Beverly Lewis

  • Beth S.  - 
  • Winner of The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick &  
  • To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling

Thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun and I look forward to another scavenger hunt in the future!  I've added the answers to the clues on the Monthly Giveaway tab in case you were wondering.  (Once the next giveaway is up, the clues will be removed.)

And no worries, a new giveaway will be up this week, so stay tune.

Winning prizes will be mailed out some time this week. Thank you all again and blessings to all!



  1. Thank you so much for this fun scavenger hunt, Annie. Murder at the Courthouse, and The Photograph arrived in today's mail at Lane Hill House!! Appreciate receiving them! Kathleen


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