Blue Ribbon Trail Ride towards Friendship!

It's time for a scavenger hunt!

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Title:  Blue Ribbon Trail Ride
Series: Horses & Friends, Book 4
Author:  MiraLee Ferrell
Publisher:  David C. Cook
Release Date:   January 1, 2016
Grade:  Middle School     Ages: 8+


Thirteen-year old Kate and her friends came up with the perfect way to raise money for her autistic younger brother and others to attend summer camp---a horse scavenger hunt! As local businesses donate money and prizes, Kate keeps the entry fees in her mom's antique jewelry box.

But when the box and the money disappear, Kate and her friends must unravel the clues, hold on to hope, and solve the mystery along the Blue Ribbon Trail Ride. 

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A scavenger hunt on horses - more like riding the horses on a trail to hunt for clues. How fun does that sound?! Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is the 4th book in Miralee Ferrell's Horses & Friends series for middle school children.  I find this series endearing and engaging for young kids to learn about horses, as well as friendship and doing the right thing. It's also full of great little tidbits for young kids to ponder about.

Blue Riboon Trail Ride is a great story about  using the resources they have, and bringing in the community to raise awareness and money for children with autism to attend a special camp.  When something goes wrong, do we want our kids to pout and complain or, to rise beyond that and do something about it?  I love how at the end, it's not about the money, or the praise, but about working together as a team, about forgiveness and learning to lend a helping hand, even to our enemies.  Yes, it sounds a little heavy, but it really isn't. It's an easy and fun read. It's about old and new friendships, and about learning to be patient when all you want to do is get on with it. A great book for horse lovers, and those who love a good scavenger hunt filled with clues!  Parents, a great book to learn the value and meaning of patience and forgiveness, perfect for the youngsters in your life!

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book through Litfuse Publicity Tour for an honest review.



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Miralee Ferrell is the award-winning author of more than a dozen novels. She and her husband live along the Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State, where she enjoys riding the wooded trails and spending time with her grown children. In addition to horses and dogs, Miralee once owned two cougars.

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  1. I love your review, Annie, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed my newest book in my Horses and Friends series.

  2. Thanks Miralee! I didn't know what else to say but "Great"!! =) It was a great book (series!) I'll be reading it the young kids in my life this weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm sure my daughter would love this series. It looks great!

  4. Lovely review, Annie. I just started reading it tonight. Like you said, it's such an enjoyable way to teach life values to our children. And you don't even have to like horses to enjoy it! Wait, let me clarify that. It's not that I don't like horses, because I do. But I've never been around them...unless riding a Shetland pony at a county fair when I was a child counts.

  5. Thanks Beth & Carole. And Carole, I know what you mean, about the horses. I'm not a rider, but the idea sure makes me want to consider, if I don't get scared first!


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