Happy February!

Hello everyone! Happy February!

February's been a fabulous month for me so far, at least I would like to forget about the sad and challenging parts and focus on some great highlights!

As always, books brings me peace, as well as bring me to a place that makes me feel and enjoy the adventure with the characters.  Several this month have graced my eyes and heart with desires to already reread them (if I had the time).  From the fun surprises of Last in a Long Line of Rebels, to suspenses like Always Watching and If I Run, and historical heart-wrenchers like The Painter's Daughter, beautiful contemporaries like Back in the SaddleLike There's No Tomorrow, Keeper of the Stars and Change of Heart, I had quite the journey. O, and I can't forget the soul reaching non-fictions, Bronner and The Gift of Friendship.  

Then, there's the sincerity and genuine love of just spending time with your love ones doing absolutely nothing spectacular or different.  But to me, it was amazing. We had our Harry Potter marathon and then, the undeniable display of love. My husband was willing to watch some Jane Austen films with me!  We watched the 1995 Sense & Sensibility first since I know he's a fan of Alan Rickman, and this was the film where Alan's captured my heart as Colonel Brandon.  A few days later, he was willing to watch Pride & Prejudice with me, but unfortunately not my favorite version, the BBC miniseries with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I won't complain, since we still spent time with P&P. The surprising thing? The miniseries is now on our list to watch! Yay! 

Did I bore you too much with my personal notes? Well, how about letting you know about my surprise giveaway for my blog email subscribers and blog commentators?! Yes. For the month of February, I'm honoring my blog email subscribers and blog commentators with a giveaway for each group.  So, go on - check it out on the "February Giveaway" tab at the top of the page for more info.  Thank you for indulging me with your love and participation on this blog. I appreciate it and hope to share more great books with you. Thank you!



  1. Not a bore at all! Lovely thoughts here :)

  2. BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is my favorite too! I read the book and watched the episodes simultaneously last year. It's so rare for a film to really get it right and do a good book justice but I think the mini series is fabulous.


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