More Than A Promise

Is a promise just the words or is it more?

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Title:  More Than a Promise
Author: Ruth Logan Herne
Publisher:  Franciscan Media
Release Date:  March 18, 2016


Widower Matt Wilmot is an excavator by trade, but with his three rambunctious young sons making trouble all over town, he may not have what it takes to dig them out on his own.

The boys' antics have earned them a riotous reputation in their small town of Cedar Mills. When Matt's former mother-in-law, a powerful lawyer and judge, threatens to sue for custody, Matt’s sure she means it.

Enter Matt’s new neighbor, Elle Drake. She’s made a successful career for herself as an artist and potter, but after a disastrously public break-up with her millionaire ex-husband, she’s back in Cedar Mills to lick her wounds and set her roughed-up self-image to rights.
After Matt's oldest son causes damage in Elle’s yard, her common-sense approach forces the boy to take responsibility for his actions—and gives Matt the wake-up call he desperately needs.

Initially adversarial, attraction grows between Matt and Elle as they get to know one another. Matt appreciates Elle's effect on his sons, and when he gets cornered into having a Sunday breakfast with Elle and the boys, he has fun for the first time in...well, he can't remember when.

Everything changes when Elle hears the boys’ grandmother berating Matt in public and threatening to take the boys. She defuses the situation by pretending to be Matt's fiancée and the boys' future stepmother. When Matt decides it's a brilliant plan and kisses her to seal the deal, Elle knows he's crazy. But he's also sweet, funny, engaging, sexy and strong, which isn't exactly a bad thing!

The newest Christian romance by Ruth Logan Hearne combines heart and humor with a dose of small-town reality.



Wow. I'm in awe with how much there are in More Than a Promise by Ruth Logan Herne.  Right off the bat, we meet Elle and learn of the betrayal that shook her and crushed her dreams of being a mother with a happy family.  Two years since, she moved back to her hometown, the small town of Cedar Mills.  Then we're switched to Matt and his three delightful (though rambunctious) boys, with a reputation that precedes through the constant gossip in town and church.  O, how I laughed at the antics of these boys, and how I softened and learned something through Elle's approach to understand and build these boys' confidence.

I love how there's bits of stories throughout, from Matt's Dad's pride to Randy's compassion for his classmate to the reason of Mrs. Wimple's disparate complaints of the Wilmot's family.

Ruthy gave us a story that's relatable, warm and inviting even with all the struggles Matt and Elle experienced individually, and together as a couple and family.  From topics of betrayal, loss, bitterness, gossip to forgiveness, acceptance, love and trust, More Than a Promise is not just a story about a family, but of family.  And in all, faith. Faith in each other and in our God. Letting yourself trust Him so you can trust others.

And last might I add, Ruthy's has quickly become one of my must read authors. Her stories are delightful in the least, nurturing of mind and soul is what makes it stand out. And look at that cover! Many thanks for that!

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Franciscan Media for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.





Ruth Logan Herne has more than half a million books in print, including fifteen Love Inspired contemporary novels. Back in the Saddle is the first book in her new western romance series. Ruth is a founding member of Seekerville, a popular writing collective blog. A country girl who loves the big city, Ruth and her husband live on a farm in upstate New York.

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  1. I'm always excited to read a RLH book. Thanks for the review Annie!!

  2. Thanks Terrill! Me too! Ruthy has become a favorite of mine. Have you read Back in the Saddle? You'll love it too!

  3. Annie, thank you so much for this wonderful review! You just made my day!!! I had so much fun writing that story, working with those boys, and their antics.... And didn't you just fall in love with naughty little Randy????? Oh be still my heart! :) Thank you for this, I am absolutely thrilled that you loved it!

  4. Annie, this was a wonderful book, one of my very favorites. Ruth has become a must read for me!

  5. thank you for your wonderful review and being a part of the tour.
    I love books with humor and boys sure do bring that to our lives.
    I like how she shows compassion and steps in to be a fiancé for them.


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