Audiobook Review: Stealthy Steps Nanostealth

"I would say invisibility would be sort of a fun power to have just to see what it was like to move through the world and not be looked at. "
- Kevin Bacon
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Title:  Stealthy Steps
Series: Nanostealth, Book 1
Author: Vikki Kestell
Publisher:  Faith-Filled Fiction
Release Date:  June 1, 2015
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Format: Audiobook
Narrated by: Reba Buhr


My name is Gemma Keyes.

Other than my name, I am utterly forgettable—so those who never paid much attention to me in the first place haven’t exactly noticed that I’ve disappeared. Vanished. Oh, it’s much more complicated than it sounds. And let me tell you, invisibility comes with its own set of problems.

I should tell you about Dr. Samuel Bickel, world-renowned nanophysicist. We used to work together, but I’ll be candid with you: He’s supposed to be dead. Well, he’s not. (Imagine my surprise.) Instead of the proverbial “six feet under,” he’s subsisting in an abandoned devolution cavern beneath the old Manzano Weapons Storage Facility on Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque.

“I need to show you what I’m protecting here, Gemma,” he insisted.

I stared into the clear glass case. I could hear . . . humming, clicking, buzzing. A faint haze inside the box shifted. Dissolved. Came back together. It reminded me of how mercury, when released on a plate, will flow and form new shapes. Only this, this thing was “flowing and forming” in midair.

“Do you see them?” Dr. Bickel asked.

“Them?” I was confused. My mouth opened to a stunned “o” as the silver haze resolved into blue letters.


Dr. Bickel hadn’t pressed any buttons. Hadn’t said anything to them. Hadn’t gestured.

He grinned. “Ah. They’ve noticed you. They know they haven’t seen you before.”

“Well, I wish they wouldn’t notice me!”

And I need to warn you about General Cushing. The rank and name likely conjure images of a lean but muscled old soldier, posture rigid, face cemented in unyielding lines, iron-gray hair cut high and tight.

Let me disabuse you of that impression.

General Imogene Cushing is short and a tiny bit plump. She wears her silvered hair in an elegant braid knotted at the nape of her neck, and she knows how to smile sweetly.

With the deadliest of sharks..

You wouldn’t suspect a two-star general, an Air Force O-8, of being a traitor, would you? 



Have you ever wished your were invisible? Or how about get a hold of that invisibility cloak the famous Harry Potter has?  Well, our heroine, Gemma in Vikki Kestell's Stealthy Steps didn't wish it, didn't think it's possible, yet, she became invisible. Disappeared visually. You can still touch her, but to the naked eye, she doesn't exist. Cool, right?! Well, not if you're Gemma, especially when it means danger is lurking very close.

Doesn't that just sound so exciting?!! Trust me, there were moments I wish I can speed ahead the voice narrating the book to me in this audiobook. Speaking of the audiobook, lets chat about the logistics of it. Reba Buhr did an excellent job narrating. I was able to really be engrossed in everything she said. Gemma's past, present and most notably her thoughts were well iterated by Reba. The action and the intensity of what's happening was on mark. At the right moment, your heart will still, your eyes bulge and even sighing as you listen to her. Well done for sure. I'm incline to tell you to skip the book, and head straight to the audio version, but the booknerd in me can't. Also, I haven't read the book, so can't really compare.

Back to the story. Yes, we have some exciting moments, but prior to all the activity and stealthiness going on, there's a large part of it that talks about the mechanics - science of how it is possible and what the backstory is. I, personally found it fascination, but I won't be one to go verifying the legitimacy of it.  I'll just leave it as a work of fiction. Vikki's a lovely author. I'm a fan of her historical novels, and I was pleasantly surprise by this change of genre. However, I'm glad I was able to read, I mean listen to this book. I'm looking forward to Book 2, Stealth Power which I heard from Vikki herself it's out on November 2, 2016. All I can say is that's a loooong 9 months!  Plus, if I want to listen vs read, I'll have to wait longer.

In all, a great audiobook that entertained me for several days during chore time.

NOTE:  I won a copy of this audible audiobook in a giveaway. A review was NOT required. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.





Vikki Kestell’s passion for people and their stories is evident in her readers’ affection for her characters and unusual plotlines. Two often repeated sentiments are “I feel like I know these people” and “I’m right there, in the book, experiencing what the characters experience.”

Vikki holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies. She left a career of twenty-plus years in government, academia, and corporate life to pursue writing full time. “Writing is the best job ever,” she admits.
Also an accomplished speaker and teacher, Vikki and her husband Conrad Smith make their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

TO CONNECT WITH VIKKI:  website,  facebook,  twitter





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