Her Texas Family to Love

"Maybe what God has for you is different than what you've decided." (82) 

Title:  Her Texas Family
Author: Jill Lynn
Publisher:  Harlequin Love Inspired
Release Date:  April 19, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance


Falling for the Single Dad 

Moving to a small Texas town, Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms. When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond's office, the two instantly clash. The same can't be said for the widower's daughter. They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance. Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter—and for him. Yet his late wife's parents don't agree. Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair. He can't let his daughter lose her grandparents…but he also can't lose the woman who could complete their family.



O, how I enjoyed Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn! There's so much depth in her story. It's not just about boy and girl meets and fall in love. It's about letting God fill your insecurities with love and hope and finding that life never stands still, but is constantly moving and full of surprises.

After a rocky start, spirited Lucy's position at Graham's medical office doesn't only ease patients' minds, but also bring laughter in and out of the office.  As Lucy and Graham starts bonding, Lucy finds herself strangely attracted to the guarded Graham, and especially to his shy, but sweet daughter, Mattie. Graham sees that Lucy brings out something in Mattie that no one can, and in time, the part of his heart that he thought closed off years ago. Both Graham and Lucy, even though their reservations are different, have decided on their respective future. When their worlds seem to meet and move alongside each other, will they finally let God be their guide or will they lose the chance for happiness?

"...she really stank at asking God for help.  She still struggled against the tendency to do everything on her own. And whenever she did get in the habit of praying and asking first, she always ended up snatching things back and attempting to do it herself again." (180)

Sounds familiar?

"...sometimes we head down our own path while forgetting to ask God what His plan is. It helps to ask first, then act. Maybe what God has for you is different than what you've decided." (82) 

Her Texas Family reads smoothly with laughter, remorse, and even heartbreak, but the sweet moments will carry you through to the end and let you join in on their fun, as Lucy learns what love is and as Graham seeks a second chance at love.  O, can I also bring up Hunter? Though his was a brief appearance, I would love to read his story! (*Hint hint, Jill!)  Readers, Her Texas Family and Jill Lynn's writing will appease all your appetite for a funny, dynamic and inspirational story.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.





Jill Lynn lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Bethel University and is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers group. In 2013, she won the ACFW Genesis award. Jill enjoys reading and writing stories filled with grace, humor and happily-ever-after. When she’s not plotting her next book, she can be found hanging out with her entertaining family.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading (and enjoying) Her Texas Family! This makes my day. :)

  2. Aww, Jill! Her Texas Family made MY day - the day I was reading! Thanks! I'm hoping for Hunter's story next! *wink


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