What's in the Bible? DVD

"What's in the Bible?"

Title:  Let My People Go: Exodus
Series: Buck Denver asks What's in the Bible?, Vol. 2
Producer/Director: Phil Vischer
Release Date:  January 3, 2012
Genre: Children Christian series

Format: DVD
Run Time: 58 minutes


Presenting a DVD series from the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer! Each DVD is filled with original music, animation, puppets, and creative writing that will teach kids about God and his Word.  This movie series will explain the entire Bible to you kids in this groundbreaking, fast pace, and fun filled series. 
Genesis shows us how God is at work in the lives of the Patriarchs, introducing us to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, and setting the scene for the next book, Exodus.  This time it is all about Moses and the Israelites’ upsetting escape from Egypt. Let My People Go starts off with the story of little baby Moses being pulled from the river by Pharaoh’s daughter. He was saved so he could grow up to lead God’s people out of Egypt. He encounters God in a burning bush and witnesses the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea and wanders in the desert.  It is there that the Lord marks an agreement with his people and gives them a new set of instructions, the Ten Commandments. The book of Exodus is all about salvation and redemption, what they are, and why there are a necessity!
Includes 2 Episodes:
#1 Who choose the books of the Bible?
This episode covers the choosing of the books and the amazing story of the Patriarchs.
#2 What is Salvation
This covers Exodus, plus key concepts like salvation, redemption, and a tiny word that causes BIG trouble, sin!



When I saw the cover that Phil Vischer creator of the Veggie Tales series, created this, I was happy to take a look. With the indulgence of kids shows on TV these days, it really is hard to find a quality Christian Children's DVDs that kids will love, and provide good Christian principles and Biblical information. Buck Denver asks, What is in the Bible? is catchy to say the least. What's in the Bible? I've had little kids ask me that before, from the kids in my Sunday School class to kids of friends. A great question, and I'm glad that there's a series that gives an overview of it in a kid-friendly way.

Buck Denver asks, What is in the Bible, Vol. 2, Let My People Go covers the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. Inside each DVD case, it comes with an activity sheet, with bullet points to what to expect on the DVD and a nice coloring sheet. There are two episodes in this one disc. The first covers some background info, which I was surprised that I even learned something!  The second episode is the one that focus on Exodus with an introduction to some great vocabulary, like salvation and redemption, along with catchy songs and graphics for kids to get into.  It's a great way to let kids understand, yet because of the subject, I'd say this would be better for older kids, around 6 or 7+.  The only thing I didn't really care for was the first puppet introducing each episode. I couldn't understand more than half of what he said!  Since there were no subtitles, I had to rewind.  With that said, the majority of the DVD and puppets were easily understandable.

Overall a great resource for kids and I would like to continue the rest of the series too!

Buck Denver Asks, What's in the Bible? series
What's in the Bible? Children's DVDs

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this DVD from FishFlix for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.




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