Uppercase Box May 2016 Unboxing & Review

NOTE: Even though I purchased this subscription myself, this post may have referral or affiliate links. Thank you. 

YES - It arrived!!!

And very well packaged too! Here we go!

As usual, the Uppercase bag. What is different is that when slit open the priority bubble mailer, this amazing sweet aroma wafted through. Ahhh... we'll get back to this in a bit.

Before we go further, this month, I chose to skip on the May Steampunk theme box of Owlcrate, therefore there won't be an Owlcrate vs Uppercase post.  However, I am very thrilled to feature this month's Uppercase all on its own! Why? Let's see!

Always love a personal note and a list of what it includes.  I usually don't read the list until after I go through everything.  So what was that sweet smell from? (I thought it was some bath salts or candle of sorts).

It was TEA! "Hedonistic blend inspired by Oscar Wilde" loose leaf tea blend titled, "The Picture of Earl Gray" from Novel Tea Tins!  A full 2 oz of it! Wow! Can't wait to try this.

Along with it, a Lydia Bennett bookmark, also from Novel Tea Tins with their logo, and ways to connect on the back.

Next we have an Uppercase exclusive! Book Paradise Postcard Set (set of 6) in a perfect sized cellophane bag.  How pretty!!!  I love postcards! Adding to my collection and I get to send these (5 at least, because I'm keeping one).  Who wants a personal note from me??!!

And finally the book and book related gifts. Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes is on my TBR list, so I'm happy to have received this. AND it's SIGNED!!! Yep! Just love it. It also includes a bookmark and sticker (small square).  

Of course, every Uppercase box includes a Reading Experience bookmark with sign in codes for extra stuff that makes reading the books fun and entertaining. So far, I've enjoyed every one of these experiences. 

So, what do you think??!!! I'm adding this to the top of the list. Though this is only my 3rd one. March 2016 is still my favorite, since I LOVE the book. 

Here's the bookstagram I shared earlier of everything!

If you have time, check out my BOOKISH BOXES page for more thoughts on my box subscriptions!


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  1. I so enjoy your unboxing posts - thanks for all the details on the items and your opinion. It allows me to experience it virtually through you!


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