In Twenty Years by NYT Bestselling Author, Allison Winn Scotch + Giveaway

Title:  In Twenty Years
Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Publisher:  Lake Union Publishing
Release Date:  July 1, 2016
Genre: Literary Fiction / Contemporary

Twenty years ago, six Penn students shared a house, naively certain that their friendships would endure—until the death of their ringleader and dear friend Bea splintered the group for good. Now, mostly estranged from one another, the remaining five reluctantly gather at that same house on the eve of what would have been Bea’s fortieth birthday. But along with the return of the friends come old grudges, unrequited feelings, and buried secrets. Catherine, the CEO of a domestic empire, and Owen, a stay-at-home dad, were picture-perfect college sweethearts—but now teeter on the brink of disaster. Lindy, a well-known musician, is pushing middle age in an industry that’s all about youth and slowly self-destructing as she grapples with her own identity. Behind his smile, handsome plastic surgeon Colin harbors the heartbreaking truth about his own history with Bea. And Annie carefully curates her life on Instagram and Facebook, keeping up appearances so she doesn’t have to face the truth about her own empty reality.

In Twenty Years by Allison Winn Scotch is simply about life and how we thought life would be versus what it was. In Twenty Years opens with lives past, of friendship that were strong, yet fragile as secrets intertwined with their connections.  Then we read the present and how those twenty years have changed, and the one incident that unraveled it all.  You may think it's the death of Bea, though true, she was the glue, but her death was not what broke the group, but the incident at the wedding.  However, as Bea is the glue, when friendships ceased, she found a way to unite them, and allow the past to catch up and reveal itself, even after her death. It is only when the truth behind the secrets are revealed, that understanding and finally growth can resolute with each.  Convoluted and complex at times, how In Twenty Years unfold the mystery behind each character's development and the mystery behind the incident that changed everything was refreshingly presented. With flawed characters that reflected the different aspects of humanity and life's relational evolution, it's a story you can't help but continue on, page after page, trying to find solace and hope.  A good story, and one to think about. 

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For my clean readers, this book contains profanity and intimate scenes.

NOTE:  I received an ARC of this book through TLC Book Tours for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.



Allison Winn Scotch is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels, including Time of My Life and The Theory of Opposites. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and their dogs. 

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  1. Enjoy life and don't sweat the small things!

  2. Wow for me that is a loaded question since that would make me 72! That means I have survived my Third Transplant (actually that I got my Third Transplant). So I guess that look how much you have gone thru and you are a surviver. Look how many people you witness to during your life of horrible health especially to Doctors and Nurses. You should be proud of yourself!

  3. If I'm fortunate enough to be here in twenty years, (I'll be 82), I'd say stay healthy, active, and continue to love life.

  4. I honestly can't even think that far. I guess I'd say, "Hey, you made it!"

  5. I would say, "Everything will be okay."

  6. I would say to myself, I hope you have lived fully and plan on continuing to be the best you can be.

  7. I would say, "was all that stress and hard work worth it?" And hopefully my answer would be "yes". I hope!

  8. Ah yes, the plans we make in our youth are not always the realities we experience as we age ... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  9. I would tell myself to enjoy the moment and not take things so seriously!

  10. I would tell myself not to be such a perfectionist. Let things go and enjoy life a little more.

  11. I would say "I didn't think you'd make it this far."

  12. 20 years ago, the things you worried about (laundry, cooking meals, and having a clean house) didn't matter. The time you spent with your family is what counts.

  13. In 20 years I will be 90 years old. I hope everything is going okay.


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