Litjoy Crate May 2016 Box Unboxing & Review

NOTE: Even though I purchased this subscription myself, this post may have referral or affiliate links. Thank you. 

Woohoo!! I was SOOOOO excited to see this box in my mail haul after my vacation. (Yes, and that is the reason why this is a tad bit on the late side. Better late than never!)  

A little about LitJoy Crate from their website.
LitJoy Crate is a monthly book box subscription for readers of all ages! Each box is thoughtfully curated with new release books and 2-3 quality book-themed items. Select from our children's board book crate (ages 0-2), children's picture book crate (ages 3-7), or our young adult book crate (ages 14+). 
- Monthly plans start at $29.99 (plus shipping), and with prepay plans of 3, 6 or 12 months increment, you'll save a bit per box. 

Check out the boxes. I just love these colors! Don't you? (Image from LitJoy Crate instagram)

Image from LitJoy Crate Instagram
In case you don't know, I chose the young adult book crate. And let's get to the unboxing!

O wow! Don't you just love this box? How cute!


A sweet note from the founders of LitJoy Crate, Kelly & Alix on one side, and a list of the items in the box on the other.

An exclusive notepad 100% inspired by the book in the box. Designed by Chick Lit Designs.  Can you guess what book, if you don't already know? 

This is such a pretty notepad! So pretty that I don't know if I can start writing on it!

Next, we have a lip gloss in a lovely shade. I'm not sure if everyone receive the same color, but I just love this shade. Very pretty, and not too "out there?"  This lip gloss is from Me Now. 

Just look at that pretty scarf! It's gorgeous!! Simply gorgeous. I just adore scarves. I probably wear them year round. Yes, even summer, and this is a perfect one for the Spring through Fall seasons, lightweight and long enough to double wrap! 

And now, the book!

OK, does that not look familiar? LOL. Yes, I've already have a copy of Rebel of the Sands and just recently reviewed it! Check out my review HERE.  Even for that, I'm still thrilled that this book was included in LitJoy Crate's very first box. Why? Because it shows they have absolutely GREAT taste in books! I look forward to many many more! *wink wink. 

O, by the way, did you notice the signed bookplate and a lovely note from the author, Alwyn Hamilton?! Eeep!!! I might just squeal a little more there. And now, check this out:

This pocket watch. I haven't figured out how to change the battery, since it wasn't running when I opened it, but once I do, I'll be carrying this around. Aren't these pretty? I'm telling you. Rebel of the Sands and this watch is perfect shelf candy. 

So in all, 

I couldn't decide which image I like better to post, so here's both of them. I just LOVE this box. It's PERFECT. Every item tied into the book so well.  (O, I left out the bookmark from LitJoy Crate - just noticed it from the bottom pic.) This was so well curated that I'm way too excited for the next box, and we're only at June 5th! *sigh

If you love books and anything bookish, definitely check out LitJoy Crate. 


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