Fandom of the Month June 2016 Unboxing Reveal + Review

OK, if you've been around my blog long enough, you know I love all things bookish. I'm just too gullible when it comes to pretty things from my favorite books. So, when I saw a little spoiler for June's Fandom of the Month box theme, I had to add it to my my Bookish Box reviews! (OK, maybe a little - a lot have to do with me wanting the pieces. *wink.)  The day it arrive, I was so excited!!! Just look at this pretty and cute box it came in!

Cute, right? It's about 7"x 4.25" x 2". Tidy, neat and love that owl!  Here's the card it came in, can you guess the theme?

Read on to find out and see the pretty things in the box!

Can you guess? If you've guessed Wizard of Oz, you are correct! Now you know why I must sign up for this box?!! And I'm quite glad I did!

When I first opened the box, this other side of the rainbow card above is this note and info about Fandom of the Month Club. 

Everything came in this pretty bag with a quote relevant to the theme printed on it.

This gorgeous and well laser cut silhouette of the famous quartet is simply divine!  The shiny gold plate is pretty and not gaudy at all. The chain runs 9" on either side, leaving the plate about 3-4" from the edge of your neck. I like it there, but I was also imagining it on a long chain, where the plate sits above your belly button/torso area.  Possibly. However, this was the spoiler piece, and I just love it! Do note, your fingerprints can easily transfer on the front. Be ready to wipe after putting it on.

Next, we have Half Blood Print's Dorothy and Toto's magnet. I know many are huge fans of Half Blood Print's no-face graphics, but I'm not too thrilled about them. Though I do like their other graphics, the no-face ones are a little creepy for me.

Next, we have the yellow brick road! I mean the yellow brick bangle. Rose gold, shiny but easily workable with many outfits. =) I'm glad the black writing is on the inside!

And finally, another fave are these earring studs! So simple and pretty. Totally Dorothy! However, if you look closely, you'll see the checkered one came with a stain. I was so disappointed! So I do what any customer should do is let the vendor know. I contacted Fandom of the Month and Erin was super nice! She sent a replacement pair for me right away. Honestly, that's customer service! 

So in all, I'm quite happy with this month's theme and everything in there. For $13, I think this is one subscription box I might keep for a little while.  Especially if next month's theme is HOGWARTS! Yep, you read right. Interested? I'd be thrilled if you use my referral link. Just click on the image below or any of the Fandom of the Month names.  Many thanks!

What do you think of this Wizard of Oz box?

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  1. So cute! Love it when there's a bookish theme that goes so well together as this does. Glad you liked everything in this collection. :)

  2. I've never heard of the Fandom box. I would LOVE the Hogwarts theme!


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