Frayed by Kara Terzis, winner of Wattpad Contest (Sourcebooks Story Development Prize Winner)

Title:  Frayed
Author: Kara Terzis
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date:  June 7, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary / Psych Thriller

Dear Kesley,

My therapist tells me I should write you a letter. Like flushing all my thoughts and feelings out of my system and onto paper. I tell her it's a stupid idea.

But here I am, writing a letter to a dead girl. Where do I start? Where did our story begin? From the moment you were born...or died?

I'll start with the moment I found out the truth about you. Your lies and my pain. Because it always begins and ends with you.

And that end began when Rafe Lawrence came back to town... 

Ava Hale will do anything to find her sister's killer...although she'll wish she hadn't. Because the harder Ava looks, the more secrets she uncovers about Kesley, and the more she begins to think that the girl she called sister was a liar. A sneak. A stranger.

And Kesley's murderer could be much closer than she thought...

A debut novel from Wattpad award-winner Kara Terzis, Frayed is a psychological whodunit that will keep you guessing!

So, where shall I start? Let's start with the fact that I'm thoroughly impressed with Frayed by Kara Terzis. As a psychological thriller, it meets all the requirements with intensity, suspense and multiple character arcs that keeps you guessing. I had my speculations as to the outcome, but there were many times that I did second guessed and wondered. Was I still surprised? Yes, but it also felt too random, though looking back there were hints. Yet, those hints can also be brushed off as character or plot nuances. So in truth, Frayed still had me. It's sad and dark and good. As a story, as a debut story, it works, from characters to plot.  I do find the pacing erratic, which I guess can attribute it being a thriller, but there are times I felt the wording doesn't flow as well or the word choice didn't line up with the characters.  Despite that, I did enjoyed it and finished in one sitting, and if you like psychological teen thrillers, this is one for you.

Did you see Kara stopped by Just Commonly on Friday to share her thoughts for aspiring teen writers? Well, you can check it out HERE.

NOTE:  I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, Sourcebook Fire  through Irish Banana Book Tours as a gift. A review was not required.  All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.



Kara Terzis was twelve when she wrote her first novel, and has not stopped writing since. Later she started publishing her work on Wattpad where in 2013 she won Sourcebooks Story Development Prize. She lives with her family in Sydney, Australia. You can visit her online at

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  1. Annie, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I like to read psychological thrillers, and this one sounds really good. It's great that Frayed is a debut novel and has already received so much attention.

  3. Thanks CARYL for stopping by! I love to share my thoughts! Lol.

  4. DIANNA, I agree. It's exciting to see young writers with so much talent. It's inspiring (though I'm not young young anymore). A girl can sure dream!


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