Litjoy Crate June 2016 Unboxing Reveal + Reviews

I'm late, yes. It's already late July, and I'm just posting my June boxes! However, this have nothing to do with favoritism, but really my schedule's just been crazy!  Now, I'm looking forward to the July box, which should be coming soon. First, let's check out the June box.

A little about LitJoy Crate from their website.
LitJoy Crate is a monthly book box subscription for readers of all ages! Each box is thoughtfully curated with new release books and 2-3 quality book-themed items. Select from our children's board book crate (ages 0-2), children's picture book crate (ages 3-7), or our young adult book crate (ages 14+). 
- Monthly plans start at $29.99 (plus shipping), and with prepay plans of 3, 6 or 12 months increment, you'll save a bit per box. 

Now, onto my June box:

Isn't this box just adorable?!!

Did you see everything that's in there?

As usual, the lovely note from the founders on one side and a list of everything on the other.


OK, I'm not going down the list, because I usually don't, but one reason is that when I opened this box, a lovely fragrance hit my nose. So I had to find out what that was first.  It's the tea-light from The Tiny Collection. I received "Campfire", smokey wood with notes of clove, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. And it's divine!

Next, these honey sticks from Bee Local are o, so yummy! They're so yummy that they disappeared before I took a nicer group photo for my instagram!

Ahhh. and here's something I just can't help but opening and "checking out"!
A Pride & Prejudice book locket keychain by Crafting Call!  I love it so much, I had to take several shots!

And this lovely White Jade ring by Shop Unforgettable Jules. It's beautiful and so compatible with the book of the month!

The only sad thing? It doesn't fit me!! *sigh. I might just loop it on a necklace chain.

And here is the book, also the TOP book on my YA TBR list for this month, as a new release! It's like Litjoy Crate and I are in sync. They know what book I want, and have it there!  What book is it, you ask?

Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh. And look! It comes with a nice note from the author and a signed bookplate!! Woohoo!! Love those. Makes me feel special. *wink

So what do you think?! (As you can see, the honey is missing! *eyeing the husband)

In all, I love this box, just as I loved the first box. Everything works so well and relates to the book of the month! And might I add that they have such great taste in everything. The quality and the curation from the book down to the tiny little details, just lovely. Litjoy Crate has fast become my must have as favorite monthly subscription box.

With 3 age groups, it's bound to satisfy all kids - little to big (including adults like me)!

Image from LitJoy Crate Instagram

If you love books and anything bookish, definitely check out LitJoy Crate

NOTE: Even though I purchased this subscription myself, this post may have referral or affiliate links. Thank you. 


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  1. Love it! I still think Bookish Box I'd my favorite, just because I don't read nearly fast enough to get a new (extra) book every month haha! But I do love the bookish items!!!

  2. i loved the Litjoy box! I got several different boxes this month to see which one I liked best and Litjoy came out on top so far.

  3. Rachel! I know what you mean.. I'm behind in reading the books for at least 3 months!! YIKES!! Did I just say that out loud?!!

  4. I've been seeing more of these crates. I think I'll have to check them out.

  5. This looks like a subscription box I would really enjoy. My daughter would, too!


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