Audiobook: The Gathering, Book 3 of The Gifting Trilogy by K.E. Ganshert (aka Katie Ganshert)

"Darkness is a tricky thing. Especially when it cloaks itself in light."

Title:  The Gathering
Series: The Gifting Book 3
Author: K.E. Ganshert
Publisher:  Self Published on CreateSpace
Release Date:  August 2, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Format: Audiobook 
Narrated by: Heather Masters


Luka isn't dead. He's not beyond saving. Tess knows because she saw him with her own eyes. After what she saw, she's sure of one thing: If they don't rescue him soon, Luka won't be Luka anymore. If only she could convince the other members of the hub. They're not sure Tess saw what she claims she saw. And they're preoccupied by the fact that their kind is being systematically eradicated. Answers lie in an ancient prophecy, one that revolves around a seventeen-year-old girl who never asked for any of this. 

K.E. Ganshert's final installment in The Gifting Series brings readers on an action-packed journey through loss, sacrifice, betrayal, and the impossible choice between what we want most and what we know is right.

I can't let this end. I need more. The Gathering by K.E. Ganshert (aka Katie Ganshert) is the third and last installment of The Gifting series.  It brings this wonderful and thought provoking series to a conclusion that is perfect.  Having listened to the audiobook version for this review, I was able to savor each bit a little more, since it usually takes me longer to finish an audiobook than a book.  So for a month (yes, it took me that long!), I listened to The Gathering bit by bit, chapter by chapter, and was so engrossed through first, Luka's seeming demise, then Tess' nagging and overwrought emotions to try to save him, to the gathering and finally the ultimate "battle."  There are so much more in between. At first, I was quite put off by Tess' constant insecurities, especially towards Luka's love for her. The whole choice and free will in play here. It's not the writing, but more so it's written so well, that Tess came alive to me, especially with the splendid narration by Heather Masters.  

Speaking of characters, I was a little surprised by what seem like a lack or slow development of Luka or Tess' characters. I think that thought came on too soon, when I realized their development was the strongest throughout the series. And you might not have realized it like me until closer towards the end. That makes for some awesome story telling!

Remember when I said, "I can't let this end. I need more"? Well, when the last note played on my phone through the audible app, I sat there, still sniffling from an event towards the end of the book.  With a hand still clutching a tissue, I went straight to the bookcase, and pulled out my print copy of The Gathering and read it. The last two chapters, I probably had gone through it another three times. And then I wanted to go back and reread The Gifting and The Awakening.  Yes, they were that good, so good I wasn't ready to let it go. The unsurprising thing is I laughed and teared at the same spots as I was listening to it, even though I knew what was happening.

With charisma, insight and intrigue, The Gifting series jumped its way into my heart and refuse to go. Well-written with great characters that you will love, hate and the in-betweens that makes life interesting.  Katie Ganshert have proven that she can write young adult fantasy that captivates and enthrall us.  The Gifting Series have now taken a spot in my top ten YA fantasy, and possibly within the whole YA genre.  Thank you, Katie for sharing this awesome story with us.

PS / If you're wondering why I'm reviewing the audiobooks when I had the print books? Well, let me tell you, I didn't have the print copies until recently. I enjoyed The Gifting and The Awakening (via audiobook), I just had to get the print books! Right? Any booknerd will understand. So I reached out to Katie Ganshert, and see if she can sell me her books (if she had copies), signed. (That's a little inside tidbit for y'all. If you would like a personally signed copy of a book you love from an author, reach out to the author. If they have some copies in their possession, many would be glad to sell you a copy. Or if they don't, they might mail you a signed bookplate.) There you have it. That's how I got myself a signed set of The Gifting series.  I didn't want to spoil my first time listening to the audiobook of The Gathering, so I waited to read it until after. Based on the fact that I cried and laughed at the same spots, I don't even know if it was necessary. =/

NOTE:  I received a complimentary audio copy of this book for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.


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K.E. Ganshert (Katie) was born and raised in the exciting state of Iowa, where she currently resides with her family. She likes to write things and consume large quantities of coffee and chocolate while she writes all the things. She's won some awards. For the writing, not the consuming. Although the latter would be fun. You can learn more about K.E. Ganshert and these things she writes at her website

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  1. I haven't heard of this series. It sounds like something my daughter and I would love to read together. She's always looking for a new book!


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