Love*s Faithful Promise, Courage to Dream #3, by Susan Anne Mason

"Could it be you're so determined to follow this path
 that you haven't really listened to make sure it's in
 accordance with God's plan?"

Title:  Love's Faithful Promise
Series:  Courage to Dream, Book 3
Author:  Susan Anne Mason
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
Release Date:  September 13, 2016
Genre: Inspirational Historical Fiction

A Stirring Story of Love and Faith and America's Great Promise

When her mother suffers a stroke, medical student Deirdre O'Leary makes the difficult choice to put her career on hold to care for her. Dr. Matthew Clayborne is renowned for his amazing results with patients, but when Deirdre approaches him about helping her mother, she finds him challenging and surly. Deirdre has had enough of complicated men in her life. After her fiancé left her, she vowed never to give a man that kind of power again.

Widower Dr. Matthew Clayborne is devoted to two things: his work with wounded soldiers and his four-year-old daughter, Phoebe. He won't abandon either of these priorities to care for one older woman. However, when Phoebe suffers a health scare, they're offered respite at the Irish Meadows farm, where his daughter's weakened lungs can recover--but only if he cares for Mrs. O'Leary.

Matthew intends to hate Irish Meadows, yet he immediately feels at home, and soon both Mrs. O'Leary and Phoebe are showing improvement. But since he has no intention of leaving his life up north forever, and Deirdre has sworn off marriage in favor of her career, how will they deal with the undeniable attraction between them?

When fellow readers highly recommend an author, a book or a series to you, you know you’ll need to follow through with it.  I’m glad to say, “Yes, finally! I can say I’ve delved into the world of Courage to Dream series by Susan Anne Mason.”  And now, not only that, after reading Love’s Faithful Promise, it’s imperative that I head backwards and dig into Irish Meadows and A Worthy Heart, books 1 & 2 respectively of the Courage to Dream series.

Love’s Faithful Promise was everything I expected and much more.  From the get go, every book in this series have been added to my TBR list, but I just never had the chance to get a copy and read it.  The covers alone mesmerized me. And when I had the opportunity to review Love’s Faithful Promise (thank you, Bethany House), I had to jump at the chance. In honestly, I loved this cover the moment I saw it at this year’s Christian Fiction Readers Retreat (CFRR). I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Susan, and it made me even more anxious to get this series. 

OK, back to the book. Love’s Faithful Promise had it all. Characters that you’ll fall in love with, ones you’ll root for and the ones that just claims your heart even if they’re a minor character only.   Deirdre, Kathleen, Phoebe, Connor, Jo, Sean and of course Matthew all played a wonderful role in Love’s Faithful Promise that I couldn’t help but be excited for.  Tenacious and vivacious Deidre (Dee) and the reserved and serious Matthew made a compelling pair. From the beginning, I was onto their romantic story. How will two very career-oriented individuals living in different countries come to terms about their feelings? Then we had the bonus story of Connor and Jo! Connor, headstrong with a good heart, and Jo, quiet and loyal, their encounters to their beginning, will not be disappointing.

The O’Learys have surely rise to one of my favorite fictional families, up there with the O’Connors from Julie Lessman, the Porters from Becky Wade, the Binders from Cynthia Ruchti and the Staffords from Ruth Logan Herne.  The funny thing is? I’ve only read one book of the series, as of now. (That will surely change.)

Characters aside, the plot and pacing of Love’s Faithful Promise was spot on. The writing was engaging and entertaining.  The romance was realistic and o-so yummy, with its angst and sweet moments. Dee & Matthew’s first kiss, first hug, and first hand-holding does something in your heart – be it beat faster, stopped for a second there or just warm and fuzzy, it will get a reaction.  The message hits home. Go, reward yourself with Susan’s writings, especially with Love’s Faithful Promise. Feel free to gush all over it with me.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.



Susan Anne Mason's debut historical novel,Irish Meadows, won the Fiction from the Heartland contest from the Mid-American Romance Authors Chapter of RWA. Also a member of ACFW, Susan lives outside of Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and two children. 

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  1. Yay! You FINALLY read it! Haha! The cinnamon quote is one of my favorites. I have t on my post too Hahaha!!! Awesome review my dear!

  2. Really?!! Hhahah. Sorry. I haven't looked since I knew I was going to review. I'll have to go head over there now.

  3. Fantastic review, Annie! I have books 1 & 2 in my TBR. I'll devour the series when I get book 3.

  4. I'm gushing right there with you. I thought I couldn't love another story more than A Worthy Heart, but somehow Susan managed to surpass it. Wow! Loved Deirdre's story!

  5. Oh no it's funny haha! I love seeing what stands out to others. ;)

  6. Annie, I am speechless right now! Your review made my day!!! So happy you loved the book!

    I appreciate all you do for Christian Fiction and was so glad to meet you in Nashville!

  7. Love the review. This series is on my wish list.


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