The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes by H.R. Jakes

Title:  The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes
Author: H.R. Jakes
Publisher:  Archway Publishing
Release Date:  October 4, 2016
Genre: Literary Fiction

In The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes, author H.R. Jakes offers a fictionalized account of Elaine’s life, telling a variety of stories that involve a romantic ride in an old-fashioned car, a frightening cheese plate, a magic sword, and a cross-dressing monkey. Her story is not one, but many as she humorously reveals time and again how connected her own narrative is to that of her Welsh forebears. During the journey, Elaine, a school teacher in the vivacious and eccentric community of New Hope, Pennsylvania, gains not only an appreciation of the world but also of her heritage, herself, and God.

For a bit there, The Curious Autobiogrpahy of Elaine Jakes by H.R. Jakes reminded me of the eccentricity of Thelma & Louise. It's quirky, but at times sobering, and then tragic as well. Yet, the warmth that emanate from how the author writes in Elaine's voice is evident in the many stories we, as readers can find endearing and relatable. Without being predictable, the stories is not in order of time, but rather how it can engage the readers. The beginning captures your attention very quickly, but does tend to mellow out as the story progress, and then picks up again. Since it's a fiction based on real life events, one would be curious to speculate where reality ends, and fiction begins or how embellished are the events.  Overall, an interesting read about one's journey to self-discovery and faith.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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H. R. JAKES, a writer who lives in Texas, pens the Curious Autobiography series. He compiled the story of his mother, Elaine Jakes. He has been writing all his life, and she thus felt confident to entrust him with that task. Through him, further books in this series will be forthcoming, first among them Curious Recipes: The Mostly Welsh Cookbook of Elaine Jakes, a charming (and tasty) combination of Elaine’s tales with detailed recipes, featuring as an aspect of every vignette the story behind each culinary delight.

He has 7 children, speaks with pen, is a polyglot, and bikes a lot.

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