Book Review: An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter

"You can't hum while holding your nose." (146)

Title:  An Uncommon Courtship
Series: Hawthorne House, Book 3
Author: Kristi Ann Hunter
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
Release Date:  January 3, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Historical Fiction 

Lord Trent Hawthorne couldn't be happier he is not the duke in the family. Free to manage his small estate and take his time discovering the life he wants to lead, he has grand plans of someday wooing and falling in love with the woman of his choice. When he finds himself honor bound to marry a woman he barely knows, his dream of a loving marriage like his parents' seems lost forever.

Life for Lady Adelaide Bell was easier when she hid in her older sister's shadow--which worked until her sister got married. But even with her socially ambitious mother's focus entirely on her, the last thing she expected was a marriage of convenience before she's been introduced to society.

With nothing going as expected, can Trent and Adelaide's marriage of obligation survive their own missteps and the pressures of London society to grow into a true meeting of hearts and minds?

Now, did you know that "you can't hum while holding your nose?" The things I learn from books are quite the conversation starter! This one, I'm happy to say I got it from An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is the third full novel of the Hawthorne House series, and it features one of my favorite characters of the series, Lord Trent Hawthorne.  As some of you know, I'm a tad bit obsessive, even coining the term #myTrent on social media and risking the wrath of another wonderful character, a Duke, might I add, Griffith. However, I've never shared that I was a bit scared to read An Uncommon Courtship.  Yes, I was ALL over it and couldn't get my hands on it, but what if Trent turned out not what I expected? What if I don't care for the lady he marries? What if...yes, a lot of that. However, after reading it, my Trent continues to be my Trent, and I find Lady Adelaide perfect for him.

Lord Trent had been a pivotal supporting character in the first two novels and the prequel of Hawthorne House series.  He's the funny, dashing and sarcastically loyal brother, friend and highly sought bachelor. Perfect on the outside and seemingly in the inside. In An Uncommon Courtship, the author gave him depth - a vulnerability that makes him human, and not just someone in the pages, but fills this character with soul, and I love it.  He makes mistakes, he needs a slap on the back of his head at times, and he needs to be reprimanded my his mother, Lady Blackstone. He isn't perfect, and that makes him perfect. "God doesn't make mistakes" and I don't think the author made any when it came to bringing Trent to life.  

Enough on Trent, but lets jump to other characters. Lady Adelaide is funny. She's awkward. Her childhood and the manipulation of her mother evokes sympathy, as well as a desire to see her rise above it all. The one thing that I wish was how she found strength to face her mother needs to be a little bit more dramatic since even I wanted to slap her mother and sister! Yet, in reality, it made sense. Lady Blackstone was another character that piqued my interest from An Uncommon Courtship. Her matron-ship was spot on, and the scene when she first met Lady Adelaide was precious. The appearance of all the previous major characters in the first two and half books highlighted An Uncommon Courtship and will make fans of the series extremely thrilled.  That being said, you do not need to read the other books to understand this one. However, I would highly recommend you do, since it gives a lot of back story to the characters that plays a role in this book.  And last, but certainly not least, is the Duke himself. Griffith is the older brother of Trent, and at times, is also the fatherly figure Trent refers to since their father's passing when he was six. Griffith's protectiveness of his family is endearing and definitely a character I look forward to a happy ending in his own story, The Inconvenient Beauty (coming later this year).  I would love to see more of his point in the many hilarious and touching moments in An Uncommon Courtship further in his own book. The boys of Hawthorne House have truly claimed a spot in my heart, and when they join together to give Trent marriage advice, priceless. When it's Griffith's turn, I'm sure more laughter and inspirational insight will bring that book to life as well. 

I know this is getting a tad bit long, but I feel I need to give my Trent its due diligence in expressing how elated I am of his marriage and finding love. That last family dinner scene is truly my favorite. I can't give any away, but thatmy dears is classic Trent, in love.  

PS/ Fellow Trent fans, must read Kristi's acknowledgement! It made me teary eyed!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Kristi Ann Hunter graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science but always knew she wanted to write. Kristi is the author of the Hawthorne House series and a 2016 RITA Award winner and Christy Award finalist. She lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. 

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  1. I read the prequel and am now enjoying A Noble Masquerade. The next one is on hold at the library. I enjoy the author's wit and the intrigue. Can't wait to see the rest of the stories.

  2. I am reading this right now, and I love "your Trent" as well. One of my favorite lines appeared during The talk: "Trent groaned and closed his eyes, praying for the Lord's return. Any moment now would be nice and then he wouldn't have to deal with the problem or this conversation."

    1. hahhah. I know that scene very well. I've actually reread it a couple of times. OK, tmi there. And thank YOU for acknowledging that Trent is mine. *wink wink.

  3. Lovely review my dear!!! I simply adore Trent! But you can have him...#teamGriffith hehe! ❤

    1. Thanks girl!! I know, I know. But I'm on #teamGriffith too! LOL.

  4. Stellar review, Annie! I love the memes! You are so creative! ((((HUGS)))

  5. Loved your review! Just finished reading the book last night and it was fabulous! :)

    1. Rebecca! Wasn't it just great??!!! Thanks for your comments. =)


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