Book of the Month: June through January 2017 + February Deals

NOTE: Even though I purchased this subscription myself, this post may have referral or affiliate links. Thank you. 

Hello! So, still adding back some previous book boxes, and here's one more recent. The January Book of the Month box, had quite a few selections. And any book you choose, you get a free copy of Gillian Flynn's The Grownup. (This free gift is still available!)

A little about Book of the Month:

Book of the Month (BOTM) is a subscription service in which on the 1st of every month, they announce 5 selections by their guest curators. By the 6th of each month, you select the one you want and they'll ship it out on the 7th. You are also allowed to select up to 2 books for the additional price of $9.99 each. Each book also comes with a note from the corresponding curators.

For the previous months, I really don't quite remember which books for which, so I decided to show you my stash from Book of the Month. I'm missing one or two, but here they are.

My thoughts on Book of the Month in general is that I enjoy reading the reasons behind each curator's pick and typically, there's at least one or two books that piqued my interest. They also have a shop for you to add any book in their previous months (as long as they still have in stock) for an additional $9.99, but do note that they have the little BOTM emblem on the cover of each book. They also have accessories and other items including this gorgeous and sturdy bag and the sunglasses you see in the picture. 

I've used the bag for a trip to the beach, and it's perfect size for towels, a drink, a book and stuff!  The sunglasses are surprisingly comfortable (granted don't wear it too long). I have a flat nose and many plastic glasses don't fit right. It slides, but this one actually stayed put. 

Want one? For the month of February, they have a promotion, subscribe for 3 months for $9.99 each month + a FREE BOTM bag! (The bag costs an additional $19.99 and can only be added to your monthly book order.) Click on the image below to subscribe.

OR just want to try it? Get your first month for only $5

NOTE: Even though I purchased this subscription myself, this post may have referral or affiliate links. Thank you. 

If you have time, check out my BOOKISH BOXES page for more thoughts on my box subscriptions!



  1. Annie, thank you for sharing. Enjoy your goodies.

  2. I joined BOTM and really like it. This month I got Perfect Little World, Behind Her Eyes, and The Possessions. Went a little overboard!

    1. Wow! That's a nice stash. Can't wait to hear what you're thoughts on it!


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