Book Review: The Newcomer, An Amish Beginning by Suzanne Woods Fisher + Giveaway

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Title:  The Newcomer
Series: An Amish Beginnings, Book 2
Author:  Suzanne Woods Fisher
Publisher:  Revell
Release Date:  January 31, 2016
Genre: Inspirational Amish Historical Fiction

A fresh start in the New World will test Anna's resolve . . . and her heart

In 1737, Anna König staggers off a small wooden ship after ten weeks at sea, eager to start a new life in the vibrant but raw Pennsylvania frontier. It's a time of new beginnings, and for Anna and Bairn's shipboard romance to blossom.

But this perfect moment cannot last. As Bairn grasps the reality of what it means to be Amish in the New World, his enthusiasm evaporates. When a ship captain offers him a first mate position, he grabs it. Just one more crossing, he promises Anna. But will she wait for him?

As a newcomer joins the church, Anna is torn. This man is everything Bairn is not--bold, devoted, and delighted to vie for her heart. And he is here. Bairn is not. 

Far from the frontier, an unexpected turn of events weaves the lives of Bairn, Anna, and the newcomer together. When the secret is revealed, which true love will emerge?

O my! Reading The Newcomer, book 2 of An Amish Beginnings by Suzanne Woods Fisher is like taking a ride through history at the start of the Amish in America.  This is not my first historical Amish novel read, but definitely the first about the beginnings of the Amish settlements. I was drawn into the historical details of life for these American Amish pioneers, as well as the different circumstances and thoughts behind the Amish community.  What to "keep" and be steadfast in and how they did it intrigued me. Courage of mind and strength in faith - a great combination.

In terms of characters, we are presented with so many different personalities, yet it gave it realism to what life is. There will be many encounters with people that just don't mesh well, and there will be those that are your kindred spirits. My favorite character happens to be Felix, who isn't the focused character, but he brought light and humor whenever he graced the scenes.  I love how the author mixed in some real historical figures throughout.

Suzanne Woods Fisher with no doubt a terrific writer. Her craft in her stories, from contemporary to historical fiction to her non-fiction works will make you eager for her next release.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Suzanne Woods Fisher is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than a dozen novels, including Anna’s Crossing, The Bishop’s Family series, and The Inn at Eagle Hill series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace and The Heart of the Amish. She lives in California.

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    1. Thanks Carrie! Quotes are from Suzanne's team!! hahaha, but they are the ones I've marked too.

  2. This sounds like quite an interesting book. I love historical fiction.

    1. I think you'll enjoy it. I'd suggest getting Book 1, Anna's Crossing first and read it in succession. ;)

  3. Love this post! Love this BLOG! It's have so much info, yet it's done so well and doesn't feel cluttered or overwhelming. Wow...great job on creating a go-to blog! And thank you for your wonderful shout out for "The Newcomer." All of it! Felix, the pinnable graphics, etc. So touched by your effort on my behalf! Warmly, Suzanne

    1. Suzanne!!! O.. speechless! You are HERE on my BLOG! AND YOU LIKE IT!! Wow! Thank you! It's an honor! Thank you!!!!!!


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