Bookly Box January Romance 2017 Monthly Subscription Book Box Unboxing

Happy weekend! I picked up a new box subscription to try out and was pleasantly surprised. 

I think the box itself is kind of cool, don't you think?

A little about Bookly Box before we go further. 

Bookly Box

BooklyBox is a book membership that delivers a brand new hardcover new release book in a genre of your choice (selected from their genre offerings) plus a few items including two teabags, a bookmark, a book bag and book flags in each box.

Genres includes:

  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery 
  • Romance 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Young Adult
Plus, for every BooklyBox purchased, a book is donated to someone less fortunate. Bookly Box participated with several philanthropic organizations to donate books to under-served communities around the world. The cool thing? They include info in each box where the books were donated to for that month!

Cost: $29.99 + Shipping ($5.99 flat rate for US residences)

Since you already know which genre I selected (from the title), let me explain why I chose that. I have a few Young Adult boxes already and that picture of above from Bookly Box sold me on the Romance box for this big fan of Pride and Prejudice.  I might switch it up a bit though in the future.  

Let's open the box!


We'll get into the one on the left in a bit, the book bag is kind of cute. I love these sleeves to keep my books "safe" in my big purse! And it's made out of a decent quality cotton broadcloth (I think) with a drawstring close. (Value: $4 ? guess)

Here's the everything out of the box:

I wasn't sure what I thought of the box. In comparison, I think I was a little underwhelmed by the goodies in comparison to the other book boxes I subscribe to, but let's not jump to any conclusions yet. 

As the first item I see out of the box. I did a "what?" But then, after looking at it and checking it out, I'd thought it would be a great idea, stocking stuffer?  However, once I took it out and used it, it was awkward and felt very cheap. Like any firmer grasp, it would snap.  (Value: $8 - lowest price on Amazon)

This card is very nice. It's a "thank you" card with the information of where the book donations will go to. For the month of January, 2017, books will be donated to Sierra Leone in Africa.  On the other side of the card, it includes data percentages of Sierra Leone, such as population, GDP, Averal Annual inflation, and even literacy rate female vs mail.  Sources for this data comes from UNICEF, The World Bank, Books for Africa and Trading Economics organizations. I forgot to take a pic, but that's pretty priceless, and feels good to know your purchase goes towards a good cause. 

Next is a bookmark with a quote from an author. This one is from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the otherside says "Shhh...I'm reading." It's pretty and made of standard cardstock materials for bookmarks.  (Value: $1?)

I do love page flags, and these neon ones are quite eye-catchy! I use them pretty often, so this is a keeper for me! (Value: $3.95 similar)

Bookly Box always comes with tea, and I like reading with a warm cup of tea or coffee. So the fact it came with teabags, pretty cool. Downside is I'm not much for these flavors, it'll have to go in the guest tea box! (Value: $4 for pack of 20 at the grocery store = 40 cents for 2)

And now the book - my favorite part. For the Romance box, it came with The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred.  This book and author is new to me, but the cover's kind of cute. Here's the synopsis:

His classmates may consider him a nerd, but Benedict Pendleton knows he's destined for great things. All he has to do is find a worthy girlfriend, and his social station will be secured. Sure, Benedict is different--but that's what he likes about himself.

Pen Lupo is sick and tired of hiding who she is. On the outside, Pen is popular, quiet, and deferential to her boyfriend. On the inside, however, Pen is honest, opinionated--and not sure that she's quite like other girls. Do they have urges like she does?

When fate intervenes, Pen and Benedict end up at the same vacation resort for winter break. Despite their differences, the two are drawn together. But is there such a thing as happily ever after for this unlikely pair?

So this is also in the "young adult" category - makes me wonder what book would be in the Young Adult box? Anyway, it sounds interesting enough that I'm happy to try it. (Value: $11.38 on Amazon)

So in all, I'm not disappointed by the box, but not exactly thrilled either. I might give it a month or two try and see how I like it. The cause to donate books are definitely one of the perks.  So my total estimate value for the tangible items is $28.73, a little short of the cost of the box of $29.99.  However, as I said before, the good cause is priceless, so that makes it worth it.  What do you think? 

 Which genre would you like me to choose for March (a little late for February)?

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