Owlcrate Unboxing January 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Today, we're chatting about Owlcrate's January 2017, "Classical Remix" box with references to classics like Phantom of the Opera, The Little Prince (a favorite!), The Secret Garden and more! Let's get started!

I've always loved Owlcrate's Monthly Cards. The design is based on the theme and the back will have what's included in each box. You'll see a pic of it later.

First item on the list is this tea from First Edition Tea Co. I don't see it on their shop, so it might be an exclusive for Owlcrate until a later time. It's a blend of mint & rose herbal tea inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Expéry which is a childhood favorite of mine.  the blend sounds soothing. Net weight is 10 g of loose tea leaves. (Value: $2.50)

Next we have a lovely magnet designed by hand by Sweet Sequels inspired by The Phantom of the Opera. (Value: around $4?)

The Owlcrate button has the old theater feel and quite cute for collectors of buttons or fans of classic theaters and shows. (Value: around $1)

The custom soap smells quite yummy! It's an exclusive scent inspired by The Secret Garden from TeaSoapBooks.  What you see is the library borrow card, but the soap itself is shaped like an open book! How cool is that?! (Value: $3.5 - this is a 2 oz soap. They sell the 4 oz for $7 in their shop.)

And then the bookmark is something we see quite often in Owlcrate boxes, a watercolor bookmark designed exclusively for Owlcrate by Lexy Olivia. This quote is from the Slaughterhouse Five. (Value: $8)

Just a little sheet about the new release of Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer. It's a graphic novel that's part of The Lunar Chronicles series.


Being January, Owlcrate included this calendar designed by Obvious State. Each month features a really cool art print inspired by a children's classic story! This is quite cool. When you're done with the month, these make great prints to frame! (Value: $18)

And last, but certainly not least is the featured book! For this box, it is a brand new hardcover edition of Roseblood by A.G. Howard. It includes an author letter and a signed bookplate.  (Value: $18.95 retail, $11.64 on Amazon)

About Roseblood:
This YA novel from New York Times bestselling author A. G. Howard marks the beginning of a new era for fans of the Splintered series. Rune Germain moves to a boarding school outside of Paris, only to discover that at this opera-house-turned-music-conservatory, phantoms really do exist. RoseBlood is a Phantom of the Opera–inspired retelling in which Rune’s biggest talent—her voice—is also her biggest curse. Fans of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the Splintered series will find themselves captivated by this pulse-pounding spin on a classic tale.
Rune, whose voice has been compared to that of an angel, has a mysterious affliction linked to her talent that leaves her sick and drained at the end of every performance. Convinced creative direction will cure her, her mother ships her off to a French boarding school for the arts, rumored to have a haunted past.
Shortly after arriving at RoseBlood conservatory, Rune starts to believe something otherworldly is indeed afoot. The mystery boy she’s seen frequenting the graveyard beside the opera house doesn’t have any classes at the school, and vanishes almost as quickly as he appears. When Rune begins to develop a secret friendship with the elusive Thorn, who dresses in clothing straight out of the 19th century, she realizes that in his presence she feels cured. Thorn may be falling for Rune, but the phantom haunting RoseBlood wants her for a very specific and dangerous purpose. As their love continues to grow, Thorn is faced with an impossible choice: lead Rune to her destruction, or save her and face the wrath of the phantom, the only father he’s ever known.

I'm not crazy in love with the cover or am I that interested in this one. However, after reading the synopsis, it peaks a bit, but it will have to wait in line on my TBR list.

As much as we anticipate every box in the mail, I also look forward to the "sneak peek" card that tells us the theme for the next month as well as a little spoiler for what to expect of one of the items!

This sure sounds exciting, and I think (don't quote me!) next month's book is THIS one, only because it's one that I look forward to too!!

And did you see the sneak peek? There's a candle from Frostbeard! I love their candles, so definitely excited and looking forward to next month's!

In all, this was a decent box. Not nearly as loved as November's but not bad. It introduced a lot of new vendors to me, so that's great, and who doesn't love a little tea inspired by one of your favorite book?

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  1. I'm anxious to know what you think about the tea. You receive quite the selection.

  2. Looks fun! Super excited to see what is in next box lol!


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