The Bookish Box Full Unboxing & Mini Reviews: Special Editions Harry Potter, Jane Austen

Happy weekend! I might do a few unboxings every weekend just to catch up! Today, lets start with the 2016 release of special edition boxes from The Bookish Box by Appraising Pages.


A little about The Bookish Box by Appraising Pages before we go further. 

The Bookish Box is a "bookish" subscription service. Recently, they've change the subscription options (I'll update the prices once I have that info):
  • Goodies and Shirt: Includes the goodies, and an shirt exclusive to The Book(ish) Box  - $29.99 + shipping ($8.50 within US) 
  • Goodies and YA Book: Includes the goodies, and a newly released, first in a series, young adult book  $28.99 + shipping ($8.50 within US) 
  • Goodies, Shirt, and Ya Book :Includes the above mentioned items, and shirt in your selected size and style. $39 + shipping ($8.50 within US) 
  • Gimme Just a Shirt: Includes only the shirt, in any size or style selected, mailed in a poly bag to save you on shipping costs.  - $18 + shipping
  • All the Goodies, But No Shirt : Includes 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items designed around the theme.

However, special edition boxes are NOT part of the subscription. You'll have to order them separately, and you'll want to do it quick since they tend to sell out soon after they announced it's up for sale (speaking from experience). The special edition boxes starts around $27 and up, depending on the box. 

So now, let's start our unboxing. For these special editions, since my unboxing's pretty late (released June of last year!!) I'm just going to do a quick overview, starting with the Harry Potter themed box. 
  • Around June 2016, Cost $35 + Shipping $8 

My Thoughts: I LOVE this box. I love everything in this box. It's hard not to for this Harry Potter fan. Just look at that Snape mug! On the other side, it says, "After all this time?" Yes. *sigh.  I've always been a fan of their tees. The quality is quite nice, even after a few washes. I've selected the Women's tee which is slightly fitted, so they look great.  Needless to say, the design's nice too.  I must also mention the ring is cute and the candle from Novelly Yours smells sweet! That's what I'd imagine butterbeer to smell like! The watercolor bookmark by LexyOlivia is adorable. One thing I do notice is that there seems to be a bookmark by LexyOlivia in almost every box from The Bookish Box. Her bookmarks are a hit or miss for me. 


For an estimate total value of $54, that's pretty worth it for the $35, even with $8 shipping!


    Next we have the first Jane Austen box:
    • Around August/September 2016, Cost $34 + Shipping $8 

    My Thoughts: I love that tee shirt! I wear it often and tell my Darcy that it's for him! LOL.  Everything is pretty nice, as usual. The Out of Print pouch was a repeat for me since I already had one, but that's okay. The necklace from Rich Love Shoppe is pretty and that paper flower clip, is awesome! Though I am a tad bit hesitant to use it on my hair and get it all mess up. The bookmark doesn't do much for me. It seems too simple. 

    Wow! Total value is about $61 if you buy them separately from each of their shops. Pretty awesome with a savings of $19 which includes the shipping.  Definitely a great box! Here's another shot I took way back when.

    A tad bit disappointed that I didn't realize the second Jane Austen edition was not a repeat, but a brand new box with new items!! I'll have to catch the others sooner!

    What do you think? Do you like these special edition boxes?

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