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Are you ready for some fun? I'm thrilled to be a part of the Writing is a Team Sport Blog Hop with Janet Ferguson. She'll be sharing with us her addiction to . . . critique partners! Plus, you'll be able to enter the giveaway to win 15 books!! Fun, right?

This blog hop consists of 4 post stops + 1 giveaway stop.  I'm honored to close this blog hop as STOP #4! Just a refresher about the blog hop and how to enter the giveaway. Follow the blog stop sequence, read the posts from each stop, meet Janet's critique partners, check out their spotlighted book and subscribe to their newsletter (mandatory to enter giveaway). Once you reach the final stop, you will be redirected to the giveaway page to enter the giveaway.

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I present to you, Janet Ferguson

Four years ago, I had a completed Christian fiction manuscript and no clue what to do with it. I attended a writers’ conference where I met a couple of nice Christian fiction agents who suggested I find a critique group.
I admit I went a bit crazy. Over the top—obsessive—compulsive…
So much so, my list of authors I critiqued with is spanning four blogs today.
We’ve brainstormed story ideas, critiqued each other’s work, carpooled to national conferences, teamed up for marketing events, but most of all cheered for and encouraged each other on the strange and sometimes lonely journey that is writing fiction.

The Mississippi Crew.

That’s what we’re know as at the ACFW conference. God truly blessed me when I found these Christian authors living so close by! They each have a little something to say about ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers).

Lorraine Beatty heard I was a new author, searched my out at a local RWA meeting, and took me to lunch. Since then, she’s encouraged me, read my work, bopped me over the head about how to set up a story, and brainstormed new stories with me. How great is that? And she only lives a few miles away. I’m so thankful she found me!
Lorraine Beatty is a multi-published bestselling author of over fifteen inspirational books. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she now calls Mississippi home. She’s the proud grandmother of five and loves to spend time with them when not writing. She and husband Joe love to travel.

“I would never have gotten traditionally published without ACFW and the help and support of their support and their mentors. Everyone in the organization is generous with their knowledge and their willingness to reach out to others to teach, encourage and share their experiences.”

Suddenly a Father 
Police officer Seth Montgomery knows all about order—but his world is thrown into chaos when he learns he has a five-year-old son. With little Jack suddenly in his care, Seth turns to neighbor Carrie Fletcher for help. Given her checkered past, Carrie prefers to keep to herself, but there's no denying she cares for the boy—and her feelings for charming Seth are rapidly developing, too. When someone from Carrie's past shows up threatening to jeopardize the life she's worked so hard to build, Carrie will have to fight for her future with the new family she's found…or risk losing everything.


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Jaqueline Wheelock and I traded critiques, and I literally cried because her writing was so beautiful. What a talent! She’s a lovely person, too. I hope someday I can write half as well as the she does.
Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock is a multi-published author whose works range from a short story in Christmas Stories From Mississippi, published by University Press of Mississippi, to a memoir about growing up during and after integration published by McFarland & Co. Wheelock has been a member of several writers and critique groups and is currently a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, an organization which has afforded her valuable instruction and opportunity toward publication. An avid reader and former high school and college English teacher, her first novel, A Most Precious Gift, debuted in 2014 via Mantle Rock Publishers. She and her husband Donald reside in Madison, Mississippi and have two adult children and one beloved granddaughter.

Dinah Devereaux, New Orleans-born slave and seamstress, suddenly finds herself relegated to a sweltering kitchen on the Natchez town estate of Riverwood. Having never cooked a day in her life, she is terrified of being found out and banished to the cotton fields as was her mother before her. But when she accidentally burns the freedom papers of Jonathan Mayfield, a handsome free man of color to whom she's attracted, her fear of the fields becomes secondary.

A gifted cabinetmaker, Jonathan Mayfield's heart is set on finally becoming a respected businessman by outfitting a bedroom at the palatial Riverwood—until a beautiful new slave destroys his proof of freedom and his fragile confidence along with it.
When the mistress of Riverwood orders Dinah to work alongside the sullen Mr. Mayfield, sparks fly setting the two on a collision course. Is their mutual love for God strong enough to overcome deep-seated insecurities and set the couple on a path toward self-acceptance and love for each other?


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Virginia Vaughn wears many hats. I have no idea how she accomplishes all she does while working and caring for family. She’s brainstormed stories with the Mississippi group and she’s one of our two drivers to conference. Um, the rest of us don’t like to drive in the big city, LOL. I have to be thankful for that!
Virginia Vaughan was born and raised in Mississippi and has never strayed far beyond those borders. Blessed to come from a large, Southern family, her fondest memories include listening to stories recounted by family and friends around the large dinner table. She now writes inspirational romantic suspense for Love Inspired Suspense. Her current release Mistletoe Reunion Threat, is Book 4 in her Rangers Under Fire series.

“Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the encouragement and guidance given to me by my fellow Christian writers. Writing is hard work and writing to bring glory to God is even harder. Many of us consider what we do as much a ministry as a job and like any ministry, we need fellow believers around to hold us accountable. After all, every Christian writer I know dreams that their book will one day be picked up and read by someone who’s lost and will ultimately point their way to Jesus.”

Someone wants Mississippi prosecutor Ashlynn Morris dead…and they've taken her son to get to her. The only person she can trust to get him back is his father, a man who doesn't even know about their secret child. When grief and survivor guilt pushed army ranger Garrett Lewis to run out on their wedding five years ago, he knew he was leaving behind the love of his life. But a son? Finding out he's a father has him reeling, especially since his little boy is missing. But now the tormented ex-soldier has a new mission, one that can't fail. Protect the woman he's never stopped loving…and bring her son—their son—home for Christmas.


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Poor Stephenia McGee. I mess up her name so often, she told me I could just call her Steph. I’m working on it. She’s helped me in setting up my business. Not my favorite part of this job, and she’s been very patient. We’ve had fun doing local book festivals and craft fairs. I have the contemporary Mississippi stories, while she has the historical Mississippi stories. We make a great team!
Stephenia H. McGee is fascinated with hoop skirts, Greek revival homes, quirky Southern sayings, and home-grown recipes. She sips sweet tea on the front porch of her home in Mississippi where she writes stirring historical novels of faith and redemption set in the Deep South.   
“Through the ACFW I’ve been blessed with the advantage of getting to know great writers who understand the unique joys and challenges Christian novelists face. These talented people have offered advice, friendship, and prayers that have helped me continue to grow in my career and development as an author.”

A Mississippi Plantation: Civil War pits countrymen against one another and tears a nation asunder. Life and death are held in the balance where everyone is a slave to something. 

One is born free, yet lives as a soul in bondage…
Lydia Harper never intended to purchase a slave. But when she witnesses a woman being beaten in the street, all her pretenses begin to unravel. A bride to a man she barely knows and bound by her secrets, Lydia will risk everything to save a stranger. Amid the War Between the States, the mistress of Ironwood faces the battles in her own heart and discovers strength in a way she never imagined.

The other is born to serve, yet holds the spirit of freedom… 
Ruth, standing on the threshold of desperation, has lost everything she holds dear. After being pulled from the dirt, she is no longer a field hand but the personal maid to the lady of Ironwood. Ruth soon realizes adversity pays no mind to the color of skin. When propriety slips, she discovers they have more in common than she dreamed possible. In a time when fear brings the South to its knees, two women will forge a friendship in the fires of redemption and thrust Ironwood into a new future – where the battle for freedom has merely begun.




Diane Ashley is another sweet lady. In the car on the way home from the Dallas conference, she helped brainstorm the story I’m currently working on. She’s the other driver for our crew, and I desperately love her for that!
A "town girl" from central Mississippi, Diane T. Ashley has written two novellas and co-written nine historical novels. All but one of her books are set in the Deep South during pivotal times in American history and contain characters who resonate with today's readers. 
My novella "An Accidental Christmas" can be found in A Biltmore Christmas. It's my favorite story...except for the one I'm working on now.
“ACFW is a must for any serious Christian author. I got my first contract because of connections I made with other authors at the annual conferences and met my wonderful agent there as well. The classes will teach you about the craft of writing and the people will encourage you. If you want to be published, join us. And look me up at the next conference.” 

First opened to friends and family on Christmas Eve of 1895, the Vanderbilts’ estate has a long tradition of Christmas hospitality. In these four fictional romances, the orphaned Bradford sisters each find both employment and romance at the Biltmore estate. But will the love be lasting or just a Cinderella dream?


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My favorite part of being a team of Christian writers is worshiping and praying together!


Janet W. Ferguson grew up in Mississippi and received a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Mississippi. She has served her church as a children's minister and a youth volunteer. An avid reader, she worked as a librarian at a large public high school. Janet and her husband have two grown children, one really smart dog, and a few cats that allow them to share the space.

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When love storms in…
Wealth manager Sam Conrad is accustomed to his domineering father ordering him around, especially at the bank where they both work. But when his father demands that Sam manage the inheritance of his bossy ex-fiancée, Sam has finally had enough. He leaves in search of a new life, and attorney Big Roy Bosarge from Mobile, Alabama, agrees to mentor Sam on his quest for direction. Sam didn’t expect to be thrown together with Big Roy’s eccentric and opinionated daughter.

Storm damage forces lonely romance writer Elinor Bosarge and her hairless cat, Mr. Darcy, out of her Fort Morgan Beach cottage. She plans to take refuge in the boathouse on her parents’ estate, but finds the place already occupied by one of her father’s “projects.” She’s shocked her father would allow another young man onto the property after his last mentee robbed her family and broke her heart. And from the moment she meets Sam Conrad, they disagree about everything from her cat to how to best renovate a local nursing home.

Between her mother’s health issues and the hurricane brewing in the Gulf, Elinor feels like her life is being ripped apart. It doesn’t help that she’s falling for the man she’s determined not to trust. Sam finds himself drawn to Elinor, wanting to help her and this new family he’s grown to love. But can he overcome the barrier she’s built to keep him out? When the storm rages and the two of them are blown together, can Elinor find the faith to open her heart again?




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Her Texas Rebel (eBook), Christmastide at Bald Head Island (eBook), Blown Together (eBook), Unraveled (eBook), A Match for Magnolia (eBook), The Scarlet Coat (eBook), Reclaimed (eBook), Finders Keepers (eBook), A Pony Express Romance (eBook), A Thing of Beauty (eBook), The Lawman’s Secret Son (paperback U.S. only), Mistletoe Reunion Threat (eBook), The Whistle Walk (eBook), A Biltmore Christmas (paperback US only), Most Precious Gift (eBook) 

This giveaway end at 11:59 PM on March 14, 2017.  Open internationally, but international winners forfeit the print book prizes due to shipping cost. 




  1. Thank you for such a wonderful blog hop!!

  2. Thank you for including me in this awesome giveaway! A shout out to Lorraine Beatty who is so kind and friendly when we see one another at ACFW. She definitely lives out the 'writing is a team sport'theme.

  3. So wonderful too see all the authors who have influenced Janet's books. No wonder they are so good. :)

    1. Aww, you are too kind! You've seen some of the bad versions, LOL, and still critique with me.

  4. I'm so thrilled about this blog hop! Thank you for coordinated everything! You put in so much work! I'm eternally grateful :)

    1. You're very welcome, Janet. It is indeed a team effort, with the Lord at the center! I'm so glad to be a part of it with Carrie, Rachel and Beth. Thank YOU for including me in this hop. =)

  5. Such a privilege to be surrounded by such a talented group of writers!

    1. God has blessed so many with talent and His message!

    2. =) Misty. It's nice meeting you! I'm actually quite thrilled to be exposed to so many new authors to me!

    3. It's a great community, isn't it? Such a pleasure to meet you, too!!

  6. Thanks for including me, Janet. I'm loving this blog hop. So much fun! I love connecting with other authors.

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    2. For this blogger and booknerd, my sentiments exactly. *wink wink

  7. Thank you all for doing this blog hop! I found it so interesting.
    I was already subscribed to a few newsletters and already like a couple authors on Facebook, but I look forward to hearing more from those I just met.

    1. Andrea, Thanks for subscribing! We love that support :)

    2. Thank you Andrea! I love connecting with authors, readers and fellow bloggers too!

  8. Thank you Annie and Janet! Such a fun event to be a part of!

  9. Fabulous blog hop, ladies! Now I know who to go to if I ever need writing help ;-) Janet must be a one-stop-shop for writing know-how by now!

  10. Thanks for including me in the blog hop giveaway. It's an honor to be included!

  11. Thank you for this fun and informative blog hop!

  12. Each of these blogs were fun to read! Thank you!

  13. I need to clarify that being bopped by Lorraine is a good thing!! If she hadn't taught me about story structure, my books wouldn't be worth reading! I'm hard-headed and need to be bopped! I hope Lorraine will continue to teach me!! Love you much, Lorraine!!

  14. Oh & I am practicing saying Stephenia often! It's a beautiful name!! And we have an event together this week :)

  15. Sorry I've been MIA! I'm trying to get this new release wrapped up so that I can get it to my editor this week. Thanks Janet for including me. We have had a great time at our events, and I look forward to sharing this next one with you. And don't worry about my name! Most people have a hard time with it. For all of you wondering, it is pronounced Steph-FEE-nuh. =)

    1. Ha! Thanks for the grace! Can't wait for your new book!

  16. Oh, I'm sad to see this hop end! Thank you so much Annie!! Hugs!


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