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"There is almost nothing as freeing as forgiveness . . ."
- Melony Teague

We end "forgiveness" with two books writer, Melony Teague finds freedom in this very message.

"There is almost nothing as freeing as forgiveness. Either to be forgiven, or to forgive someone who has wronged, offended, or hurt you, or all of the above. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and it has been said that if you are someone who holds on to grudges, you are likely to be the worse for it. Hence the saying, “bitter and twisted.”

Some of the most powerful books I have read (aside from the Bible) which have a strong theme of forgiveness are:


Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn  AND The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof.

Both these tales, although set in very different fictional worlds seem to have a profound effect on the reader. Each of them have a strong message of forgiveness and redemption.
For me, Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home, which I “read” by listening to the audio book was even more moving because of the characterization of the voices. Mr. Fielding and Li Quan’s growing relationship as friends, and Mr. Fielding’s transformation as the story develops is one that spoke to me. Their contrasting approaches to faith in the beginning of the book, and how it ends, is beautiful and I admit there was a particular scene where I lost it, blubbering like a baby!

The Lady and The Lionheart is just as memorable, and Charlie mirrors the character of Jesus in that he gives himself to suffer for the helpless, for the ones he loves, and to free them. The tenderness with which this hulking big guy treats Ella Beckley is indescribably precious, reminding readers of the Father God’s heart for us. Charlie forgives, even though he is damaged because of those who wish to misuse him, he still forgives, and sees the bigger picture. By the way, the lions he tames might just steal your heart too.

Looking for a memorable read that is not just entertaining, but that will touch your heart and challenge your perspective on life, these two are a good place to start.  "

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Melony Teague is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell and each story is unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. She loves to uncover the good news in society and writes human interest and community pieces. As co-author of As the Ink Flows, she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. In her spare time she reviews books and interviews authors. These reviews can be found right here on her website. Melony Teague was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and their two children and two cats.

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Is this the day I die? Li Quan asks himself this question daily, knowing that he might be killed for practicing his faith. American businessman Ben Fielding has no idea what his brilliant former college roommate is facing in China. He expects his old friend has fulfilled his dream of becoming a university professor. But when they are reunited in China after twenty years, both men are shocked at what they discover about each other. Thrown together in an hour of encroaching darkness, both must make choices that will determine not only the destinies of two men, but two families, two nations, and two worlds.




Raised amid the fame and mystique of the Big Top, Charlie Lionheart holds the audience in the palm of his hand. But while his act captivates thousands, it's away from the spotlight where his true heart lies. Here he humbly cares for his pride of lions as if they were his brothers, a skill of bravery and strength that has prepared him for his most challenging feat yet--freeing an orphaned infant from the dark bondage of a sideshow. A trade so costly, it requires his life in exchange for hers, leaving him tarnished by the price of that choice. As the circus tents are raised on the outskirts of Roanoke, nurse Ella Beckley arrives to tend to this Gypsy girl. All under the watchful eye of a guardian who not only bears a striking resemblance to the child, but who protects the baby with a love that wraps around Ella's own tragic past, awakening a hope that goodness may yet reign. When their forbidden friendship deepens, Charlie dares to ask for her heart, bringing her behind the curtain of his secret world to reveal the sacrifice that gave hope to one little girl--boldly showing Ella that while her tattered faith is deeply scarred, the only marks that need be permanent are his own.


Thank you, Melony! Forgiveness is definitely a powerful term, for others as well as for ourselves. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. 

ABOUT AS THE INK FLOWS: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers and Speakers co-authored by Melony

As the Ink Flows is a devotional by writers for writers, integrating the craft of working with words with the faith of people of the Word to deepen, sustain, and expand ministry in the world. This collection of 90 devotions features a focus Scripture, a brief meditation on the text and the writing experience, and a prompt for personal reflection and creative response. Written by five members of a Christian writers’ group, As the Ink Flows offers inspiration and encouragement for writers and speakers who want to connect their convictions and their craft for the glory of God and the equipping of God’s people.



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