Book Review + Giveaway: Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano, Book 1 of Apart From the Crowd

"Contrary to the prevalent thought of the day, I'm not a lady who feels as if my life has been ruined simply because I've obtained the somewhat undesirable label of wallflower." (8)

Title: Behind the Scenes
Series: Apart From the Crowd, Book 1
Author:  Jen Turano
Publisher:  Bethany House
Release Date:  April 18, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Historical Fiction

Miss Permilia Griswold may have been given the opportunity of a debut into New York high society, but no one warned her she wasn’t guaranteed to “take.” After spending the last six years banished to the wallflower section of the ballroom, she’s finally putting her status on the fringes of society to good use by penning anonymous society gossip columns under the pseudonym “Miss Quill.”

Mr. Asher Rutherford has managed to maintain his status as a reputable gentleman of society despite opening his own department store. While pretending it’s simply a lark to fill his time, he has quite legitimate reasons for needing to make his store the most successful in the country.
When Permilia overhears a threat against the estimable Mr. Rutherford, she’s determined to find and warn the man. Disgruntled at a first meeting that goes quite poorly and results in Asher not believing her, she decides to take matters into her own hands, never realizing she’ll end up at risk as well.

As Asher and Permilia are forced to work together and spend time away from the spotlight of society, perhaps there’s more going on behind the scenes than they ever could have anticipated. . . 

Let's start with behind the scenes of author Jen Turano's latest release, Behind the Scenes. Her dedication already had me smiling.

"For Dr. Robert Turner. Because every big brother needs to have a romance novel dedicated to him from his adorable, yet occasionally annoying, little sister..."

How sweet is that?! And dear Jen, I'm not sure if I'll admit I'm an "annoying" sister if it were me! *wink wink. Back to the book.

Behind the Scenes is the first full novel of the Apart From the Crowd series. At Your Request was the prequel and I had already fallen in love with the "wallflowers" of the group. Miss Permilia Griswold and Mr. Asher Rutherford were a pair of characters I immediately wanted to read about! To say Permilia is odd may very well be an understatement, but her oddity is the very reason you'll find it endearing. She's honest and to the point, though a tad bit on the dramatic side. She's one of those characters you just can't help but laugh with. A wallflower, but proud to be one, and I admire that. There is nothing wrong with it, and you'll be surprised by how much wallflowers know, simply just by observing.

"Gentlemen are not keen on ladies who are too intelligent, and I'm afraid that's exactly how you come across when you speak on even the most mundane of topics." (19)

When one quirky heroine tries to keep one fashionable hero (that have no idea what to do with her) from dying a horrible death by murder, you can bet laughter and mayhem will follow. The Gilded Age Society of New York may never be the same again when one mystery after the next involves some questionable antics of a group of wallflowers and a cunning Mrs. Davenport.  With the author's usual flair of lively humor, mixed in a world of societal rules (that our lovely heroines don't mind breaking) and delightful characters, it's hard not to love Behind the Scenes.  

"I really should have let at least one arrow hit you, directly in the head . . . not to kill you - just to knock some sense into that unprogressive mind of yours." (143)

PS / That ending is simply perfect.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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USA Today best-selling author Jen Turano writes contemporary and historical romances with quirky characters and unusual storylines. Just outside Denver, Colorado, Jen and her husband live as empty-nesters, and they do so fabulously.

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  1. Behind the Scenes sounds like a book for me. Loved your review and it just makes me want to read it more.
    Entered and hoping to be the very fortunate one selected for this amazing giveaway.

    1. Thanks Kay for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And lots of luck!!

  2. I would love to win. I'm behind on reading Jen's books.

  3. yay! i'm so glad you loved it too! That dedication had me smiling :D

  4. I really love Jen's book covers!!

  5. Wow! I love the way Miss Permilia thinks and talks! I need to read this book ASAP!

    1. hahhah. I agree. She's peculiar for sure, and sometimes she does get on my nerves in a good way. Love her!

  6. I LOVE this book! Permilia is so much FUN! My favorite Turano book to date!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the prequel novella introducing the series. I look forward to reading more.


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