Book Review & Giveaway: Killing Wonder Woman by Tenaya T.J. Tison

"We were never meant for perfection on this side of heaven." (39)

Title: Killing Wonder Woman
Author: Tenaya T.J. Tison
Publisher:  Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Release Date:  February 27 2017
Genre:  Non-Fiction / Christian Living


Working women of faith are subjected to daily blows of lies and deception. We are barraged with messages that we’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, spiritual enough. We believe that our professions mean very little in the eyes of God. We’re feeling tired and discouraged from holding ourselves to impossible standards. These damaging lies and labels now have a name: Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a symbol of the unobtainable. She is a blend of all the women both real and fictional–that we idolize. She is the whispers of doubt and negative self-talk that run rampantly through our minds. It’s time to stop listening. It’s time to slay Wonder Woman!

Killing Wonder Woman is more than a book. It’s a long-overdue weapon that we, as working women of faith, can yield to cut down burnout, destroy discouragement, and set ourselves free of unrealistic expectations. Once we break loose of Wonder Woman’s deception, we can open ourselves more fully to trust God’s plan and integrate Him into all aspects of our lives, including in our workplace calling.

Are you ready to win at work and soar in faith? This is your call to arms.

Killing Wonder Woman by Tenaya T.J. Tison presents a powerful approach for females to dismiss the many "expectations" the world puts on us. For me, the premise, the points and the message makes sense as well as create an inspiring and encouraging read for readers. However, I find the author's way in "encouraging" us too presumptuous and bold.  Therefore, there's the possibility the impact may be contrary to what the author may hoped to achieve. Despite that, if you read with an open mind, you will notice the many great points throughout.
"God uses our work as an avenue for sharing Himself." (55)
"God doesn't expect you to work miracles. That's His job." (125)
Faith may not always be easy to share at the workplace, nor is it easy to have in a world that emphasize certain expectations and stereotypes, but without it, it is even harder. In all, Killing Wonder Woman isn't about not doing something, but choosing to do something about it. To not only ignore it, but to face it, dismiss it and most importantly, pray about it. Trust that by choosing Him first, His work will be done.
"Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. (157) Work done for my glory goes away. Work done for God's glory lasts for eternity." (127)

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Tenaya TJ Tison is a business leader and entrepreneur, with a proven track record as a strategic advisor and change agent within the small business sector. T.J. has held twenty-seven different jobs throughout her life and finally found her calling in helping businesses grow.

T.J. and her husband of twenty-five years have two grown children and together enjoy the peace of their Wisconsin hobby farm with a myriad of pet animals. In her spare time (ha ha), she likes to run, play golf, read, and cheer on the Minnesota Vikings.

T.J. is also the founder and executive director of Working Women of Faith, a nonprofit that exists to equip women to win at work and soar in faith. To learn more about Working Women of Faith, visit:

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  1. I'm ready....thank you for the chance.

  2. We all need encouragement, whether we work outside or inside the home or are even retired. Our work never ends until we take our last breath. At the moment I'm the total caregiver for my elderly mom.

  3. Hey, with the Lord's help, woman can do anything they set their mind to!

  4. Yes! Just trust in God and you'll do great :)


  5. I'm thinking that this would be a great fit for one of the ladies small groups at my church.

    Thanks for your review for the tour!

  6. Great review! This sounds like a must read for women. We need a revelation of how the Lord sees us.


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