Book Review: Wings of the Wind by Connilyn Cossette, Book 3 of Out From Egypt series

Can vengeance give way to forgiveness when one woman's destiny becomes entangled with the very enemies she sought to destroy? (back cover)

Title:  Wings of the WInd
Series: Out of Egypt, Book 3
Author: Connilyn Cossette
Publisher:  Bethany House
Release Date:  May 2, 2017
Genre: Biblical Fiction

Alanah, a Canaanite, is no stranger to fighting and survival. When her family is killed in battle with the Hebrews, she disguises herself and sneaks onto the battlefield to avenge her family. The one thing she never counted on was surviving.

Tobiah, a Hebrew warrior, is shocked to find an unconscious, wounded woman among the Canaanite casualties. Compelled to bring her to a Hebrew healer back at their camp, he is soon confronted with a truth he can’t ignore: the only way to protect this enemy is to marry her.

Unused to being weak and vulnerable, Alanah submits to the marriage—for now. As she comes to know and respect Tobiah and his people, however, she begins to second-guess her plans of escape. But when her past has painfully unanticipated consequences, the tentative peace she’s found with Tobiah, the Hebrews, and Yahweh is shaken to the core. Can Alanah’s fierce heart and strength withstand the ensuing threats to her life and all she’s come to love?

You know what stories make the best Biblical Fiction? I'll tell you it's the kind that makes you want to pick up your Bible and read. It's the kind that puts the image of Biblical times right there in your mind the moment you start the story. It's the kind that presents a message that you find applicable, even when it's set thousands and thousands of years ago. I can tell you Wings of the Wind, the third book in the Out from Egypt series by Connilyn Cossette does all that and more. Though it's the third book, readers will not at all be lost. It can easily be read as a standalone. The only qualms you'll have pertains to which one of the three do you like best, and wish there was more.  Trust me when I say those indeed are stressful dilemmas, at least to me. 

Wings of the Wind. The poetic title matches the author's prose throughout, as she weave intricate details with stunning plot lines and a beautiful love story seamlessly into a work of art. As I turn to the last page, I can honestly say this was my favorite one of the three. Then I took a moment to go over my favorite parts in both Counted With the Stars and Shadow of the Storm, and I'm back to my little conundrum. That being said, tell me, if you've read this story, did you or did you not fall in love with Tobiah? His and Alanah's story was simply perfect. Their differences with strife that existed long before they met each other to their acceptance and then to subsequent conflicts, wow! There's just so much! You'll be enthralled to say the least. The author's choice to write in the different point of views gave us an emotional attachment and understanding to each of them.  

Wings of the Wind is the type of story that renders you speechless when you want to say just how much you love it. You can't wait to finish that last page, and know for a fact that you won't mind rereading this story again. It's that good.  And while you're at it, don't forget the other stories in the series. They are just as good, and beautiful, inside and out. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Connilyn Cossette is the CBA Best-Selling author of the Out from Egypt Series. When she is not homeschooling her two sweet kids (with a full pot of coffee at hand), she is scribbling notes on spare paper, mumbling about her imaginary friends, and reading obscure out-of-print history books. There’s not much she likes better than digging into the rich ancient world of the Bible, uncovering buried gems of grace that point toward Jesus, and weaving them into fiction. Although a Pacific Northwest native, she now lives in a little town near Dallas, Texas. Connect with her at

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  1. Excellent review, Annie! I've been wanting to read this series for a while.


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