Experiences, Not Things! The Rest of 2017 Bucket List!

Experiences, Not Things! 

What am I doing?! It's already May and now I'm talking about my 2017 bucket list?  Better late than never, right? In honesty, I think May is a great time to work on the rest of the year. Why? First, it's right before the summer, when great weather inspires us to get our legs moving. Second, we still have more than half the year to get our yearly resolutions to fruition. Right?  Well, here's my list (not in any order).

LOL. Yes. Read. For this booknerd, you'd think I have this one down pact, wouldn't you? No. I don't. You see, my reading TBR is more than a mile-long, but I think strategically, reading is more than that. My goal for the rest of the year is to read, but also to share and to encourage. Share about the book, but also to encourage reading clean reads. I went to a Young Adult Book Festival earlier in the year and I was absolutely appalled by the content the organizers focused on. Books are about fun and creativity. It's about enjoyment, and not about politics or rally for specific social issues, especially in an event where majority are young teens and kids. The material was offensive, as well as inappropriate. My goal is to read more, and find more clean and appropriate reads for all ages.

Travel doesn't have to be expensive. Take the time to explore, locally or further, alone or with others. And I'm not talking about required family gatherings, though those are important too, but time to refresh. I hope this year, I'll have the opportunity to travel for fun, and not for obligation. Locally, there are many interesting and historically interesting areas, from national parks to the Amish counties in Lancaster, PA to the Hershey and Utz factories. I think all of those will be interesting. I recently participated in a blog tour that commentators mentioned a lot of great lighthouses. I would definitely love to check those out!

The 2017 Christian Fiction Readers Retreat (CFRR) will be in Cincinnati, OH this summer. As co-founder, CFRR have been on my mind ever since its inception on New Year's Eve in 2015. The inaugural year, 2016 was a huge success, and I pray, God willing, 2017 will bring together more authors and readers to gather and worship together, chat and really mingle to share about books or whatever that comes to mind. One of my dreams is that "Christian Fiction", but more essentially books with an inspirational element will head to the mainstream market. Christian Fiction is not about preaching but writing that provides a good story, as well as inspires and encourage, with a message that hits home. Clean and wholesome.

However busy we are with our schedule or life, be intentional about breaks. I actually just started this little habit of intentionally taking a coffee or tea break, and just enjoying it. Five or ten minutes tops. It refreshes my mind, and gives me a little energy to continue on the rest of the day's agenda!

On the same line as coffee & tea breaks, how about gatherings with family and friends? Be intentional about it! That's my motto, or at least on my bucket list. To hang out with family and friends that I haven't had time to. And no excuses. Relationships are important, and it's not just about "fulfilling a list," but communication with others, building your friendship.

We recently got a puppy! A little miniature schnauzer whom we named "Gabby". She's just darling. However, for the first few weeks, I had what we called the "puppy blues". It was hard, having no experience what so ever with puppies and puppy training! Even now, she has a habit of chewing up our carpet bit by bit, and nipping me. But if you ask me, do I regret it? Definitely not. We were skeptical and had been talking about getting a puppy for years! There was always an excuse or a reason not to, but there will always be excuses and reasons. Sometimes, we just need to take the plunge and go for it! You'll be surprise by it. I was and still am by how much I've fallen in love with this little pup. For my 2017 bucket list, I'm going to do what reasons we said we can't get a dog. We will travel with her and make it work. Our experiences with her will be a new adventure for sure!

I am not an active person. My athletic abilities is next to none. I enjoy bowling and billiards, and both doesn't require too much cardio. However, one goal of mine is to play more tennis and golf, both sports are my favorites to watch and at least attempt to play. My stamina is not as high as others on the court or range, but I will try - at least it's on my bucket list to do so!

And finally, make memories. I guess this can probably encompass all the above, but to me, I want to to include all those I haven't thought of, but am willing to try when the opportunity strikes. The items on my bucket list are about experiences. Taking the time to make and do. If it wasn't fun, at least I've tried and it was an experience, and in turn, a memory. And I want to share all my experiences with others. Again, relationships are key. What fun would our memories be without those that we share with?

What do you think? What's on your bucket list? I pray that the rest of your 2017 will be filled with experiences that leads to memories.

Last, I want to thank EventBrite for collaborating on this Experiences, Not Things! post with me. EventBrite is an online event listing that helps you find and sign up for events locally or anywhere around the world. You pay the ticket price only for ticketed events. Check it out here (https://www.eventbrite.com/l/online-rsvp/). I've used it for several events in the past and it's quite easy to use. I'm sure I'll be checking out the site for local things to do with friends!



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