Dear friends!

I'm so sorry! I should know better, but I received a SPAM email stating a friend had shared a Google Doc with me, and I CLICKED on it. Since I tend to receive such emails often (that are legitimate), I didn't think twice. If you get an email from me stating that I'm sharing a Google document with you, DO NOT click on the LINK. It will send the same email to ALL your email accounts. I hope I caught it in time to stop it, but if I didn't, I apologize.  If I am to send you a google document, I will let you know ahead of time, and I don't plan on doing so for the next week or so.

Again, sorry, and I hope this post gets to you in time!

Also, I have tried to stop it by scanning and I have a strong website security block (that's how I knew it was spam). I also changed my password ASAP. So you might not get one, but just in case, I'm letting you know not to open such email from me.




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