Book Review: Un-Common: Pursuing a Life of Passion and Purpose by Carey Scott

". . . you cannot live extraordinary when you live in the bondage of ordinary. You weren't created to survive. You were created to thrive." (20)

Title:  Uncommon: Pursuing a Life of Passion and Purpose
Author: Carey Scott
Publisher:  Shiloh Press, an imprint of Barbour Publishing
Release Date:  July 1, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Non-Fiction / Christian Living

Uncommon is a battle cry for women to step out of the ordinary and live differently. 

It's a blueprint for a life full of passion and purpose. And it has the power to change everything.
Carey Scott, author, speaker, and certified Biblical Life Coach, invites you to journey alongside her as she introduces you to women from the Word who chose to live uncommon lives even in the toughest circumstances. From stepping into scandalous situations to breaking cultural norms to risking the departure of a comfortable life, you will discover hope and motivation to live God’s way in a world that screams, “Tuck your faith away! Just be normal like everyone else!”

Now more than ever, it's time to step into something new. . .something life-changing and life-giving. God is asking you to shine Him into a world that needs to know there is a better way to live. And when you say yes to becoming uncommon, it's a radical act of obedience to the One who created you to be extraordinary.  Uncommon offers personal stories, insights, life lessons, questions for further reflection, and biblical support written especially for women.

With authenticity, vulnerability, humor, refreshing boldness and anchored in the Beatitudes, Uncommon  will empower you to rise up. . .to reject the common. . .to embrace your calling. . . and to live in a way that points others to God. Buckle up, friend. It's time to be uncommon. 

What does it mean to be uncommon or "pursue a life of passion and purpose"? Carey Scott shared exactly what it means in Uncommon, and what a powerful call-to-action and self-reflection this book is. Insightful in purposeful living in what we're called to do in faith and as Christians, the author touched on topics of courage, obedience, forgiveness, grace, prayer and what it means to be uncommon and extraordinary. 

"When we invite Him into our broken places, we experience freedom. The chains that have held us hostage fall away. . . when we choose to walk away from them in our God-given freedom - freedom to believe we're good, lovable, and worthy, freedom from worrying if we have what it takes to be the woman God created us to be, freedom from being consumed by what others think of us, freedom from trying to fit into the world's ways - we can live uncommon. God is the key."(19)

I find the author's writing style friendly and not at all preachy. Refreshing and down-to-earth, Uncommon talks to each of us sisters-in-Christ with genuine love. I enjoyed every word in this book, and in honesty, it took some time to finish it. Not because it was dry or even boring. It took time because it was filled with such insight, wisdom and common sense, that it required a lot of thought. Self-reflecting about my choices and how I live my life as God had called me to.

"Uncommon living doesn't mean we won't struggle. It doesn't mean we'll never be tempted. . . (or) royally mess up . . . nor does it mean we will always make the best choices or that our lives will always point others to God. Remember, living uncommon isn't about perfect living. It's about purposeful living."(240)

Uncommon is one of those books that once you pick up, you can't let go. It's one of those books that will stay with you for a long time, if not your whole life. It's one of those books you want to shout at the top of your lungs for your friends to consider reading. It's also one that would be a great small group discussion book or a book club.  Either way, Uncommon is aptly named, even if it's not talking about the book itself but what God called us to be.

"He exchanges our ordinary for extraordinary. . . That's what happens when we give God permission to use our story. . . But it's a choice - every day and in every situation. Being uncommon takes guts and grit and a willingness to surrender." (15)

So what is your choice? Are you willing to choose to surrender?

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Carey Scott is an author, speaker, and certified Biblical Life Coach who's honest about her walk with the Lord—stumbles, fumbles, and all. She challenges women to be real—not perfect—even when it’s messy. Through her ministry, she encourages women to stop living a mediocre, risk-free life and instead step onto the battlefield and engage!

For over twelve years, Carey’s had an active ministry geared toward women. She speaks to women's groups and writes an online devotional designed to help women be who God created
them to be.

Carey lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids, who give her plenty of material for writing and speaking. She’s surrounded by a wonderful family and group of friends who keep her motivated, real, and humble.

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