Guest Post & Giveaway: Making Your Summer Fun Last Longer by Patricia Davids

Making Your Summer Fun Last Longer

Hello, I’m Patricia Davids. Can you believe it is August already? I can hear the kids and the teachers groaning that school will be starting in a few days. Summer is almost over. If only there were some way to hang on to the fun a while longer. Don’t you wish you could have one last blast with music, yummy foods, games, shrieks of joy and grand champion sheep?

Okay, if sheep aren’t your thing you can still prolong your summer fun and see grand champion steers, cows, bulls, boars, goats, horses, bunnies and chickens all in one place. Oh, did I forget to mention hot cowboys? They’re all at the State Fair.

The lights, the rides, the music, the midway. Everything in one place to make the end of summer spectacular. The fun isn’t over until the last cowboy is bucked off at the rodeo, the last rider steps down from the Ferris Wheel and the last teddy bear is won on the midway.
In my neck of the woods, the Kansas State Fair starts Sept. 8th and goes through Sept. 17th. My granddaughter will be back in school by then, but the fact that I’m taking her to the State Fair will only make her skip-day that much sweeter. 

If you want, you can keep the summer fun going by attending state fairs across the U.S. from July through February. That’s right, February. The Florida State Fair will be held February 8 - 19, 2018. Tripsavy, a vacation planning website, lists all the U.S. state fairs for 2017-2018 so you can easily find the one in your state or a neighboring state.

In my latest book, Their Pretend Amish Courtship, two Amish youth have their own plans for the summer. Fannie wants to ride with her equestrian drill team. Noah wants to play baseball at a state championship tournament. When their parents interfere by insisting it’s time to give up childish things, look for a spouse and settle down, the couple decides that pretending to court each other will satisfy their parents and allow them to enjoy their own summer activities without hindrance. Complications set in when their courtship begins to feel like the real thing.

My inspiration for the book came from the following video I happened across on Youtube. 

I’ve watched equestrian drill teams perform at our fair, but I had no idea that Amish girls could have their own drill teams. After a little fact cross-checking and e-mail to the stable that posted the video, I learned that most of the girls on the team were indeed Amish (not yet baptized) and several others dressed the part to have matching outfits. I learned a lot about Haflinger horses by visiting with the owner of a team in the pony pull at the fair. They are beautiful and amazing horses. Oh, the things you can learn at the fair.

I can’t tell you what will make a grand champion lamb or Haflinger pony, but I can tell you what makes me a grand champion grandmother. Taking my granddaughter out of school to go to the fair. So, join us in Hutchinson for the Kansas State Fair or attend a one in your area and make your summer fun last a little longer.

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About Patricia

USA Today Bestselling author Patricia Davids grew up on a Kansas farm with four brothers. After college she began a wonderful career as a nurse. In 1973 Pat wrote a letter to a lonely sailor. Little did she know her talent with words would bring her love, marriage and motherhood.

An avid reader, Pat longed to write a book, but put her dream on hold as she raised a family and worked in an NICU. It wasn't until 1996 that she began writing seriously. Today, Pat enjoys crafting emotionally satisfying romances where love and faith bring two people together forever.

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About Their Pretend Amish Courtship

Title:  Their Pretend Amish Courtship
Series: The Amish Bachelors, Book 4
Author: Patricia Davids
Publisher:  Love Inspired 
Release Date:  May 23, 2017
Genre: Amish Fiction

Make-Believe Beau 

Fannie Erb isn't looking for a husband—especially if she has to leave her beloved horses to go find one. What she needs is a way to assure her parents she's not hopeless when it comes to love. Family friend Noah Bowman might just be her solution. A fake relationship will free them both from unwanted matchmaking plans. How could Fannie predict that pretending to date the handsome, teasing boy next door would awaken genuine emotions? By summer's end they'll be free to part, but Fannie's growing feelings are transforming her neighbor into the only man who might ever rein in her adventurous heart. 



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  1. I just stopped by to see how many people have entered the book giveaway. 193 so far. Awesome. Shoot me a comment if you have questions about the Amish and I'll be happy to answer them.

  2. This sounds like a fun story. We have Amish families in our community and this makes me wonder if any of these young people have been in a similar situation.

    1. It was a fun story to write. Not my typical Amish fiction at all. Where are you from?

    2. It is a different take and I'm quite intrigue by that time in Amish teens' lives.

  3. I got to visit and tour an Amish community in Tenn. last summer and really enjoyed it. I love reading Amish fiction. They have similar problems to us but seem to handle them differently.

    1. I agree, they are human like the rest of us with the same problems but it's how they look at them that is different. God first, family second, community third.

    2. So true! I loved being able to purchase some of their baked goods and an actual Amish doll.

    3. So true! I also enjoy visiting Amish communities.


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