Book Review: The Whole Bible Story: Illustrated Edition by Dr. William H. Marty

"Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English"

Title:  The Whole Bible Story, Illustrated Edition
Authors: Dr. William H. Marty
Publisher:  Baker Books
Release Date:  August 1, 2017
Genre: Non-Fiction / Bible

Rediscover--or discover for the very first time--the incredible story of God's love

The Bible tells a story. It's a beautiful account of God's love for people throughout history. The events of the Bible are exciting, tender, and at times awe-inspiring, but often the story can get lost among the laws, genealogies, poetry, and instructions. 

The Whole Bible Story shares the entire grand narrative of the Bible in one easy-to-read, chronological account. All the stories you remember--and many of those you don't--make up the page-turning story of God's pursuit of you. Now fully illustrated with maps and photos to bring the story to life!

The Whole Bible Story: Illustrated Edition by Dr. William H. Marty is the new edition from the original The Whole Bible Story, and now includes many illustrations and pictures to enhance the experience for readers. I haven't read the original edition, but being a visual person, I think without comparison, this illustrated edition would be more worthwhile for me.

The Whole Bible Story isn't the Bible word for word, but a chronological account of what goes on. It doesn't include any of the "Old Testament poetry (wisdom literature) and prophecy, and it does not include the New Testament Epistles." (16)  That being said, what the author hopes to achieve is to encourage and motivate people to read the Bible. And in that, I do believe the goal is accomplished. At least for me, I think reading this account instills in me the desire to look up the actual Bible.  As the author mentioned earlier, The Whole Bible Story is not a replacement, and readers should not expect that.  I appreciate the thought into this book. I remember when I was a new believer, reading the Bible, trying to keep straight the chronological events that happened was difficult.  So I believe The Whole Bible Story will be great for those that want an understanding of an uninterrupted account the events in the Bible. It will also be a great resource for Sunday School or Bible class for a younger group, such as middle grade through teens' youth groups.  I also want to point out the start of each chapter notes the characters and setting that will be discussed which gives readers a nice basis. If you want to know where in the Bible each section is found, a handy list can be found in the Table of Contents.

In all, I think The Whole Bible Story have merits and is a great supplemental resource for the study of the Bible. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Dr. William H. Marty has taught at Moody Bible Institute for thirty-seven years. His main emphasis has been teaching an Old and New Testament survey to freshman at the Chicago campus, and the fruit of his focus on teaching the story line of the Bible has been published in The Whole Bible Story. Dr. Marty has also written The World of Jesus and The Jesus Story and coauthored A Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible. The Whole Bible Story has been published in Korean, and The World of Jesus has appeared in German, Arabic, and Hungarian. Bill lives in Chicago with his wife, Linda, and they have two children and two grandchildren. Bill is an active triathlete and has competed at the national and international levels.




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