Book Review: Welcome to Wishing Bridge by Ruth Logan Herne

"All her life she'd dreamed of being someone's heart's desire."  (3)

Title:  Welcome to Wishing Bridge
Series: Wishing Bridge, Book 1
Author: Ruth Logan Herne
Publisher:  Waterfall Press
Release Date:  November 14, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Fiction

Kelsey is on her way to a life do-over. And it’s not the first time. Abandoned by her drug-addict mother as a teen, she landed in a foster-care group home where she experienced faith and community—and met her best friends, Jazz and Theadora. The trio stuck together like sisters and vowed to make their lives mean something.

Now Kelsey’s pushing thirty, and her life has taken a wrong turn. Pregnant and alone after loving the wrong man, she’s on her way to making another life-changing decision when a wicked blizzard strands her outside the sleepy town of Wishing Bridge.

After being rescued from a snowbank by a handsome cop, she’s embraced by the welcoming village, but she still feels upside down. Fortunately, her frantic SOS brings her besties rushing to help sort things out. They soon find that Wishing Bridge has as many secrets as Kelsey does—and she’s connected to it in ways she couldn’t have imagined. 

Go ahead. Answer your heart's desire and pick up Ruth Logan Herne's latest offering, Welcome to Wishing Bridge. The first of the Wishing Bridge series, readers will get a delightfully warm opening to what one can imagine as a beautiful addiction.

". . . this has Hallmark movie written all over it.. "  (96) 

Yes it does. However, unlike Hallmark movies, you won't be presented with one main couple, but quite a few interesting characters along the way. To many, it might be too much, but I love how everyone has their own story to tell. Though not every story will make its way to the pages of Welcome to Wishing Bridge, I trust the author will find a way to give readers the satisfaction of closure for each of the characters that will be loved for sure. To name a few, Jeb and Maggie deserves to be mentioned. Their open and gracious hearts despite the tragedy that befell them gives meaning to what true hospitality meant. And I love the bond between our three friends, Kelsey, Jazz and Thea just touches a cord in my heart. The meaning of friendship and how that is like a balm to one's soul.

". . . this is the kind of place you can call home. "  (122) 

Wishing Bridge, New York, a fictional place that reads like home, but it's also the kind of setting that is perfect for the weary and those that need a second chance for a new start. I also find the message of God's perfect timing well executed as it weaves into the story, but not too overt for a false sense of fate.

". . . if ever there was a perfect intersection of God's mysterious ways, it's here and now. . . We might not always see the answers to those prayers. . . but that doesn't mean they're not answered in God's good time."  (231) 

In all, Welcome to Wishing Bridge entices the unbelieving, encourages the hopeless, and bring a story that has the perfect balance of refreshing cool and fireplace warmth. 

"As long as there were coffee and chocolate on hand and a crisis to fix, she'd be fine. " (31) 

With Welcome to Wishing Bridge, you will be too.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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