Review: Hope in the Holler by Lisa Lewis Tyre

"Be brave, Wavie B! You got as much right to a good life as anybody, so find it!"

Title:  Hope in the Holler
Author: Lisa Lewis Tyre
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Release Date:  January 9, 2018
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fiction
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The poignant--and funny--story of a girl trying to be brave and find her place in the world after she's sent to live with scheming relatives.

Right before Wavie's mother died, she gave Wavie a list of instructions to help her find her way in life, including this one: Be brave, Wavie B! You got as much right to a good life as anybody, so find it! But little did Wavie's mom know that events would conspire to bring Wavie back to Conley Hollow, the Appalachian hometown her mother tried to leave behind. Now Wavie's back in the Holler--and in the clutches of her Aunt Samantha Rose. Life with the devilish Samantha Rose and her revolting cousin Hoyt is no picnic, but there's real pleasure in sleeping in her own mother's old bed, and making friends with the funny, easygoing kids her aunt calls the "neighborhood-no-accounts." With their help, Wavie just might be able to prevent her aunt from becoming her legal guardian, and find her courage and place in the world.

Last in a Long Line of Rebels was hailed as an “accomplished debut,” and highlighted for its strong, engaging characters, rich setting and well-developed plot making it a “charming coming-of-age novel.”


Bravo to Lisa Lewis Tyre in touching on a topic one don't see often in middle grade fiction in her sophomore novel, Hope in the Holler. I read the author's debut, Last in the Long Line of Rebels, and was thoroughly impressed. In Hope in the Holler, the message of going for one's dream despite circumstances that one have no control over displays itself perfectly. Set in a destitute town of an Appalachian country, Conley Hollow, a novel that brings to light what it means to work hard and what it means to not give up. As a middle grade novel, it's filled with keen knowledge and fun characters.  It's layered with poignant truth that highlights the good and the struggles of life, from grief to poverty to the evil of others. In all of that, the author's sophisticated writing style gives this novel such perceptive yet simple understanding that is just right for a younger age group, while providing heartfelt entertainment for an older audience. Don't miss this. 

Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Lisa Lewis Tyre also wrote Last in a Long Line of Rebels. She grew up in a small town in Tennessee surrounded by her crazy family and neighbors. She learned early on that not every child had a pet skunk, a dad that ran a bar in the front yard, or a neighbor that was so large his house had to be torn down to get him out. What else could she do but write? She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works in Advertising/Social Media consulting.

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