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Hello, my friends!

Can you believe it's February 2018 already?  I will be into my 3rd year of official bookish blogging come later this month. It's been quite an interesting road. I started small, library books and books I own, and then joining publicity tours and publishers' review programs. In all honesty, I started blogging about books not worrying about followers or even if anyone is even reading my blog. It was an outlet for me. And that was what my early posts on this blog was about - letting my thoughts run free. In time, namely 2015, sharing about what I read really took hold in me. It's been a journey for sure. So to mark this monumental (I know, a tad exaggerating here) milestone, this year, I'm going to share a bit more about my blogging experience, as well as what I personally think on certain things. I call this:

Stay tune!



  1. Sounds fun! Congrats on 3 years, and like you, I too can say this blogging experience has been quite a journey. Such a memorable and good one - plus lots of amazing fellow bloggers who I've become friends with and learned from. :)

    1. O yes Rissi! So true. I'm thrilled to have met so many great bloggers too! Thanks for being one of them. <3


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