Interview with Jessica R. Patch, author of Secret Service Setup of The Security Specialists Series

It's #TakeoverTuesday with Jessica R. Patch, who's back on Just Commonly today to share a bit about her latest release, Secret Service Setup of The Security Specialists series (that I happen to LOVE)! (And if you're wondering where I am? I'll be over at Jessica's blog chatting about random stuff!)

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Jessica R. Patch lives in the mid-south where she pens inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. Readers will identify with characters that are flawed but redeemable.  

Jessica grew up in southern Illinois. She attended Central Bible College where she met her husband, an ordained minister with Destiny Ministries. She's served as a Biblical Studies teacher, Women’s Ministry leader, Regional Women’s Representative,  co-pastor with her husband of the Young Adult Ministry as well as taught workshop and spoken to Women’s groups. Currently, she teaches the new & growing believers class with curriculum she wrote. She is a member of the ACFW, and Byhalia Christian Writers Group, a chapter of American Christian Writers. 

When she’s not hunched over her laptop or going on adventurous trips in the name of research with willing friends, you can find her sneaking off to movies with her husband, watching way too much Netflix with her daughter, dominating her son at board games, and collecting recipes to amazing dishes she'll probably never cook. She's the author of the Seasons of Hope series, Fatal Reunion, and Protective Duty. Jessica is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary Management.

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Interview with Jessica

Hi Jesse! Welcome back to Just Commonly! I know you've answered something like this in all your times you've been here, but indulge the new friends. What's something we should or shouldn't know about you? 
Interesting fact (I think) I was the director for a corporate child care center for many years. Long before I thought about being a writer! Now I go inside a center and it’s so loud and noisy I can’t take it! Hahaha

What can you tell us about The Security Specialists
The security specialists are an elite team made up of former SEALS and marines. They are known globally and they each have what I call a superpower. Beckett has a wild ability to track on foot, Shepherd has keen observation skills, Jody has heightened olfactory sense, and Wilder has impeccable discernment (and charm—yep that can be a power!). They are based out of an inherited plantation home in Atlanta.

Specifically, 10 words to describe the feature book, Secret Service Setup
The man who once betrayed her, now needs her help.

What was your inspiration? How did this story come about? 
First off, I wanted to write a book that kept my characters on a fast-paced chase. And I am fascinated with the Silk Road Scandal involving the dark web, drugs, and bitcoin.

Now, honestly, this story about betrayal and love gone wrong had me gritting my teeth! Why give the main characters another chance? 
I am a solid believer in redemption. I think we betray Jesus all the time, and yet He always forgives, always loves us. I desperately need second and hundred chances because I mess us so often. I wanted to write a reunion romance (I adore them so!) and I wanted my hero to once have been a non-believer but now he’s a believer. I want readers to see that people do change. They can be redeemed. And they deserve a second chance. There is hope. And I know that he truly did love her, but it’s difficult to love someone when you are a believer, it’s even more difficult when you’re not—when you have so many struggles holding you back from being the person you need to be. They deserved another shot!

OK, Evan grew on me, but I was feeling for Jody. She's such a strong character. How did her personality develop through the course of your writing? Did it change or you've always imagined her like this? 
I’ve always imagined Jody as she is. Raised by a military family, being in the military herself and then in the Secret Service, she’s as tough as they come, but I also wanted to give her a tender side too. A vulnerable side. 

In the story, Jody have hyperosmia that was key to several plot moments. It is fairly rare. How did this condition come to mind? Was it an afterthought to tie into the story or what it a driving force? 
It is rare and I did stretch it and take fictional liberties. When I imagined Jody, she was in a scene with Evan and she smelled him coming toward her. I knew she needed a “super power” like Beckett and Shep. So I loved the idea she could use her sniffer. :)

Which part of the book is your favorite? Can you share a line/paragraph (without a spoiler)? 
I have so many! Since we’re talking about Jody being strong, I loved this scene. Here is a snippet:   
The attacker lunged and she dove across the hot tub, her knee nailing the hard acrylic outer lip and her ribs bashing against the side. She clawed her way out onto the deck, the attacker on her six like an impenetrable force.
Fight or Flight
Winded and wounded, she stood her ground. She would not let another person silence her. She would not run.
Panting…coughing…she raised her fists into boxing position; her arms felt like heavy limbs. “You…have messed…with…the wrong…woman.”

And I'm dying here to get to Wilder's story, and I have an inkling of whom will tame the wild boy. So any hints to his story, that I'm assuming will be next? (I have proof in our previous interview HERE, that his story is the third book!) 
Yes! It’s already up for preorder and releases June 1. Wilder is a big tough, and I’ll tell you that if you read Final Verdict and know Beckett’s backstory…there is more. More that even Beckett doesn’t know! Wilder makes it his mission to protect Cosette, their team psychologist) when he discovers she’s being stalked. It’s a total psychological thriller and I loved writing every second. Plus, his kiss scenes…ah la sigh! 

Character visits! Which book/story (not your own) would you think make a great connection for your characters if there's such a thing as book jumping? 
I think my security specialists would be good friends with Ronie Kendig’s characters. They’re all bad to the bone! :)

And which character of a book will you think would make a great "faraway best friend" to one of your characters and to which one? 
Of my other books? I have a book that isn’t published and I think Wilder and my character Avery Soren would be fast friends. Published books? Shepherd and Holt McKnight from Concealed Identity would be buds. 

Hypothetically speaking, if you were a character in your own books, who would you want on your side to protect you, and why? 
Either Wilder Flynn or Shepherd Lightman. They are willing to cross lines and do whatever is necessary to protect. They take no prisoners and rarely have mercy. I need that person coming after me! :)

What do you want readers to come away with after reading Secret Service Setup besides a few hours of total enjoyment? 
I want readers to know that we have many second chances available with God. We never mess up too much, fall too far, or sink so low that He can’t set us upright and whole again. I want readers to know that our past, our “genes” or our parent’s failure are not ours. In Christ, we are truly new creations. Truly made new. Truly in store for a beautiful and abundant life. No matter how hard pressed life might get, we can get through anything.

Now on to you a bit more. As a suspense writer, what is the weirdest activity you've done in the name of research? (That is besides the trunk incident you shared in the previous interview. Besides, that was just crazy, not weird. *wink) 
Hahaha! Probably the weirdest thing I’ve done is stalk someone to see if I could. I enlisted a friend. We chose a random person and for about a week, we did indeed stalk this person and if I’m lying I’m dying, we discovered he was having an affair! No joke. That was crazy and weird. I blogged about it. Of course.

What book or books are on your nightstand currently? 
My kindle is on my nightstand so I have a billion books! :) But I’m reading Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge. I do this every year. Love Mark Batterson’s books. And I’m reading The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by Celeste Fletcher McHale.

If you had to choose 1 book you've read this year so far that is an absolute must read, what would it be? 
Whisper by Mark Batterson. I have to be honest, I’ve only read 2 novels since January 2018 because I’ve been on deadline and sadly, neither are must reads. That’s sad, isn’t it? BUT, I’m about to start Celeste’s book and I’m sure it will be a must read! So let’s just say that. :)

And last, first time readers of your books, which one would you suggest to them to get to "know you" as writer? 
For suspense, I’d say my debut Fatal Reunion. It has all the things I love. Lots of mystery, suspense, tough heroines, hunky and swoon-worthy heroes, and lots of humor/comic relief. For contemporary romance…Unleashing Love is my newest romantic comedy and it was such a fave to write. But most readers would say, “Read Hope Under Mistletoe!” And of course, I’d agree. 
Thank you so much for having me! What a blast!

I have a personal connection with our heroine and I just love the suspense in this book! So be sure to enter the giveaway below or pick up a copy stat!


Title:  Secret Service Setup
Series: The Security Specialists
Author: Jessica R. Patch
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
Release Date:  March 6, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Suspense/Thriller
Links*: Amazon l Goodreads l Book Depository l CBD l Itunes

A federal agent in the crosshairs

Can The Security Specialists protect him?

Secret Service agent Evan Novak becomes the target of multiple hit men when someone puts a two-million-dollar bounty on his head. Is it the gunrunner he’s tracking...or a traitorous agent? Framed and wanted, Evan reluctantly accepts protection from bodyguard Jody Gallagher, his former love who lost her Agency career because of him. But then the bounty is raised to include Jody… 



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And don't forget I am on Jessica's blog today chatting about random stuff! Plus I'm giving away a copy of a particular book that I happen to have reread a few times.

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.



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