Review: Paperless Post for your Messaging Needs!

"Help connect people in real life." 

I love a chance to try out new things, and having planned multiple big and small events, I'm always on a lookout for great ways to reach out to people. Great which basically translates to pretty, effortless and efficient. How fun it was for me to test out Paperless Post. As the company name suggests, it's sending messages without the paper. I know, I know, not a new concept, but you'll agree with me once you try it out, the ease of this service! It's a card store + a digital invitation service.

I tried it out by sending a personal thank you note, and then set up an invitation for a gathering. The designer in me had my fun with able to personalize down to the last detail like the cute little "puppy stamp" I used to send my note. I had fun for sure!

I do want to point out, Paperless Post is a free service with many free designs, but to personalize with certain upgrades (like the puppy stamp), it does require the purchase of coins. They do have a number of free designs and you can send a free card up to 2000 emails for free. 

For example, my card was free, but I personalized the background, the envelope liner, the envelope color, the puppy stamp, and the font, also adding a little graphic. To send that one card with all those upgrades cost 5 coins. However, to test it out to its full extent, I did so on purpose, and might have went a bit far. I do think many of the free designs are plenty sufficient say if you sent 200 "save the dates".

I do really like their FREE Flyer service though! It's an event page that you can log in and check status, guest RSVPs and set up where to share. Great interaction with social media for sure!

Paperless Post's website is easy to navigate, clean, pretty and fun to peruse. Free to join, free to send (without the upgrades & limited emails as mentioned above), and definitely free to set up gatherings. Show your friends your style easily! In all, I'm happy with Paperless Post and looking forward to sending more cards and invites!

*Thank you to Paperless Post on partnering with this post.



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