JustRead Book Box is here!

If you've been following me on social media, you've probably heard this already. I've started a book box with fellow booklover, Carrie of Reading is My SuperPower blog. O, wait, back up. We started a publicity tour company, entitled, JustRead.  Together, as part of a dream of us to "bringing you words to read", the JustRead Book Box was launched! 

As y'all know my love for book boxes - subscriptions and monthly boxes. I've always wanted to bring to readers a box that features clean reads with an inspirational element. And with so many sub genres out there, I don't want to limit what we can do!  So for our first box, we're working with some very talented and creative people to bring to you a Super Box of sort. It has 3 amazing stories that I just fell in love with. All signed, by the way, and brand new, and a personal favorite, sealed in an archival sleeve to protect it. (I may or may not have shown my OCD side on that note! Carrie still makes fun of me! 😂) 

Here's what y'all get for this first box:
  • Three brand new paperback novels
  • Titles previously released
  • All SIGNED by author(s)
  • Genre: Contemporary/Women’s Fiction
  • at least 5 quality items that ties into these titles.
And speaking of quality items, you all must know how I love candles, so we're bound to include one here. 😉


And next...extra goodies for at least 10 buyers! Goodies will be placed in the boxes randomly, and then best of luck to hope you'll receive it! LOL. Oh, before I forget, 1 of the 10 WILL receive a "golden ticket" for a FREE JustRead Book Box (minus shipping). It can be redeemed for any box available for sale at the moment within an expired deadline. The coupon has only ONE use, so don't go sharing it, unless you don't want it for yourself!

Are you excited for it? I would be too if I were you. Though I must warn you, these titles were previously released, and therefore you might have read it or even own it yourself. In that case, I'd say they make EXCELLENT gifts or perfect for you to own it and reread it. These titles are worth the time to reread. You might just get something totally different from it this time around. 😉  Then again, owning one of these boxes will also get you into the buyer exclusive stuff, different for every box! I'll give you a hint on one of the buyer exclusive; it includes a giveaway! For more info, you'll need the password in the box! 😅😉

We currently have a few more left, and it will start shipping June 1st, less than 2 weeks away!  Get yours now!!


*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.



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