Blogging Thoughts: What to do with ALL the Books? + Giveaway

Happy July! To start the month, here's another Blogging Thoughts post. This time, it's sharing a bit on what to do with all the books!

So, what do you do with all your books? Do you just add to the stack and let it collect dust or become a part of your decor?  Today, I'm going to share with you what I do with them (or at least what I'd like to do with them)! LOL.

Give them away!
Before I became a blogger, my collection of books were already overflowing, to a point of many remained in boxes to fit into my small apartment! I usually pass on books to family and friends. 
Since I became a blogger, I give them away on the blog most of the time or just send them off to a friend who might like it. 

I'm a big fan of donating to the local library. Though you can double check with your library to see what they do with the donations. For example, some libraries will not add your donations to the stacks, but instead to their book sales section. Others might collect a good selection and pass onto the other libraries in their county or state system. 

I sell some, not a lot of my books, especially my home design and craft books. Since I price it so low, after shipping and fees from the marketplace I sell, I don't typically make much money. Though to think these books I've once read and enjoyed going into another home where they'll enjoy it makes it worthwhile. 
Selling is great, and if you can make some extra cash, even better. However, I do want to point out that, if you receive a copy of a book for free, it is NOT cool to sell and try to cash in from it.  And ARCs (advance reader copies) are not for sale for sure. 

Preserve & Reread
Of course, there's always the ones that I just can't seem to part with. I reread them and to keep them in good condition, I have several ways to help preserve them. Maybe another time, I'll go in depth. Keep them neat and remember to dust when they are exposed (even in a bookshelf). 

Now onto you - what do you do with all your books?

Summer Giveaway

So, as I mentioned in my first point, I like to give away books I've read. Plus my yearly summer giveaways have been a bit slow to start with everything on my plate this year.  As we start July, I'm going to randomly host giveaways on the blog and on my social media for the summer. For now, in addition to the blog, I have plans for Facebook and Instagram only. Depending on the ease of others, I might add to Twitter and Pinterest.  Want to see what I packed up so far?

(You'll want to stay tune for the big one at the end of the summer!) So be sure to follow me on social media and the blog to find out more! 

To start it off, I'm gifting (1) reader a Box of Books. This one will include a few home/craft books plus a couple of Christian Fiction. (Sorry. Due to shipping costs, US mailing addresses Only)



  1. I don’t have a huge collection of books just yet. But when my collection starts to get out of hand I’ll sell some but donate most.

  2. I donate to my local Iibrary. I love my librarian, who also happens to be a Christian! If the books I donate aren’t in her system, then she puts them in! Love sharing books with others, but there are still quite a few I hang on to because I don’t dare part with them.

  3. At the moment, my books are piled all over my bookcase. My TBR is on top of it, and it's 4 big stacks. When we have more room I'll get more bookcases! Lol

  4. I sell some of mine on the Facebook group Christian Fiction/non-fiction book swap and sell. I also have donated some to my church library in the past. I only hold onto my very favorites because I’m already out of shelf space.

  5. Vera Godley Might I suggest that those of you who have a stash of good Christian books you wish to "do something with" you consider a Christian high school library. Also, even if your church doesn't have a "lending library," the senior ladies in the church love to pass around good books to one another. Lots of time they don't get out to libraries and many don't have money to purchase their own books.

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  7. I give almost all of mine to a friend who loves to read :) and I save certain ones for another friend. If they are a keeper then they go on my shelf, but mostly I get them on ebook so they do that take up space.

  8. Some I keep, some I give away. And then of course, there is the TBR pile.....

  9. First, I have my TBR list. My favorites I store on my bookshelves or in boxes to read again at another time. The rest I pass on to others or sell at a book sale. Thanks for the chance to win this box of books! :)

  10. I've been giving the ones that I don't want anymore to a couple used bookstores for cash or store credit that I can use later. One of them is owned by a single mom with two kids and I love being able to help her out as much as I can!

  11. What an awesome idea! Thanks for the giveaway! Vivian Furbay jtandviv(at)q(dot)com

  12. I keep a lot of the books, so I can reread them or share them with family and friends.


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